Make Yourself a Dangerous Taser

Introduction: Make Yourself a Dangerous Taser

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Hi guys , it had been a long time since my last ible. Actually I got busy with my studies. So now I am back with a very simple but dangerous taser. This idea came to my mind when I was just thinking to make a small weapon but little bit dangerous too. It can be lethal and fatal. This can also be used as self defense. We will be making it from a mosquito swatter that is commonly used to kill mosquitoes and flies. So let's start making it.

Step 1: Materials Required

Some major components are -
• Mosquito swatter
•Two screws
• One male plug
• A cardboard box
• A white paper / white chart paper for covering (optional)

Some tools required -
• A scissor
• A cello tape/glue gun
• A screwdriver
• A marker / pen (for markings)
• A paper cutter

Step 2: Getting the Circuit From Mosquito Racket

First of all, open the mosquito swatter with the help of screwdriver. Now cut the output wires of the circuit which are connecting the circuit to wire mesh of mosquito swatter with help of scissors. Also cut the wires connecting the circuit with the plug of mosquito swatter.

Step 3: Getting Circuit Ready for Taser

Cut one of negative ouput wires / wires of same colour which were connecting the circuit and wire mesh as it is of no use for us.

Step 4: Completing the Circuit : Part 1

Now take the screws and wind both output wires which were connecting circuit and wire mesh around each screw. Wind them tightly or fix them with the help of glue gun or cello tape.

Step 5: Completing the Circuit : Part 2

Now fix the remaining two wires to the male plug with the help of screw driver. Now we have our complete circuit for taser.

Step 6: Get the Markings on Box

Now take the cardboard box , we have to put our circuit in this box, so let's get the markings with the help of marker / pen. Get two holes marked for LEDs , two holes for screws, two holes for plug and a rectangular marking for switches according to space in your cardboard box.

Step 7: Cutting Out the Holes

Cut out holes from cardboard box according to markings with help of paper cutter.

Step 8: Finishing

Now fix the circuit inside cardboard box properly with the help of glue gun or cello tape so it doesn't move inside the box. Now we have our deadly taser ready.

Step 9: Working

When we touch both screws with a conductor ,sparks can be clearly seen indicating that taser is working properly.

Step 10: Covering (optional)

Covering is only required to make it look better. While covering don't forget to make holes in paper for LEDs , screws ,etc.
Be safe while working with it and please don't misuse it.

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