Make a Video 3D Hollow Face Illusion With Your Photo

Introduction: Make a Video 3D Hollow Face Illusion With Your Photo

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This is a simple and fast way to make a video 3D hollow face illusion using a print-out of your photograph. 
This illusion usually requires that you buy a special photo or vacuum formed picture but this instructable shows you that it is possible to make with any photo.  
Once you create the illusion photo you must video it to see the illusion.  The illusion is one of depth. The photo, which is bowl
shaped with the photo inside the bowl, will appear to be a 3d picture "outside" of the bowl. This illusion can be seen without videoing the photo if you close one eye.
Watch the video to see an example and look at the steps for details.

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Step 1: Print Out Photo

Print out a photo of the face you want to use in the illusion.In my example I used a photo editing software (PhotoScape which is free) and converted it to a comic with thick lines to make more contrast. You can also use color photos.

Step 2: Cut Photo Into Oval Shape

Cut around the face into an oval shape. Try to get rid of extra whitespace outside of the face.

Step 3: Cut 4 Lines on Back of Oval

Turn the face over and cut 4 lines as shown with the black lines.
They are for the purpose of making the photo into a bowl shape.

Step 4: Overlap Cuts and Tape

Overlap the cut lines and tape them together.
After taping all 4 cuts, turn photo over and it should be bowl shaped.

Step 5: Hang Photo on Thread and Video It

The final step is to hang the photo by a thread. Add some strong lighting, in front and back of the photo as shadows are good.
Then video the photo with your camera.
If you video tape it using a slight down angle it seems to make for a better 3d effect.
Have fun!

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