Make a $4 BB Gun & Airsoft Flamethrower




Introduction: Make a $4 BB Gun & Airsoft Flamethrower

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The above video demonstrates two modifications to my previous airsoft machine gun design.

If you missed my previous article in which I first showed how to make an airsoft machine gun from a soda bottle, it can be found here:



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This sounds so cool! Watched the video and I think it would be helpful if you would include the materials list in the discription otherwise sounds great!

Oh and thx for teaching me how to do this NH

I used a ball valve instead of a air compressor blow gun since it was cheaper:)

2014, 5:22 PM.jpg

This is a pretty cool project. I will show a picture of one i just made if i can post it

I don't have any of the supplies so how much do you think this is going to cost?

I'm having trouble finding the air compressor adapter, especially the quarter inch one. Any ideas where i can find one?

If you have electricity at one of your bases with the air compreser it would be great to protect the base it could take down lots of people at once they wouldnt even know what s coming

Has anyone made this but instead of a bottle use pvc pipe?????

Just Removing the End bottle cap and then you'll put these bb's inside the bottle....

has any body seen the mini gun this guy made very cool.

Building one soon. Probably will get a Co2 auto bike pump for quick refills and use this at our local CQC course... Domination, here I come.
Oh, an btw, have you gotten this thing crhono'ed for fps or something, maybe an estimate?

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