Make a Balloon Parrot




Introduction: Make a Balloon Parrot

Have you ever wanted your own pet parrot, but hate the mess they make? Maybe you just like to impress others with unique skillsets! In any case, you can use the following steps. You will need a balloon pump and one long balloon.

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Step 1: Prep the Balloon

  1. Blow up the balloon, leaving about a fist’s length (or about 4.5 inches) of the balloon uninflated.
  2. Let out a small amount of air by “burping” the balloon then tie off the end.

Note: As you continue to make the balloon parrot, you may feel as though various maneuvers will cause it to pop. However, the balloon is sturdier than you think. Do not feel that you have to be too gentle.

Step 2: Make the Eyes

To make the eyes:

*Note: After each bubble you make, gently squeeze the longer end of the balloon just below the last twist you make. This will push air down length of the balloon to avoid popping.

  1. Twist a bubble that’s about 3 finger widths (or 1.5-2 inches) by twisting the tied off end 3-5 times while holding the base of the balloon.
  2. Make another bubble that is the same length as the first one. Be sure to keep holding the first bubble to keep it from untwisting and coming undone as you make the second bubble.
  3. Fold these bubbles together side by side, and take the knot at the end of the balloon and twist it around the base of the second bubble. Pull this knot through the middle of the two bubbles to secure them together.

Step 3: Make the Beak

  1. Twist a new bubble that is a little longer than the bubbles used to make the eyes, about 4 finger widths.
  2. Make a small bubble while still holding on to the larger bubble.
  3. Fold the small bubble to reach the top of the large bubble and the base of the eyes.
  4. Twist the bottom of the small bubble around the base of the eyes and top of the large knot.

Step 4: Make the Neck

  1. Make one small bubble.

Step 5: Make the Body

  1. While still holding the neck, make one long bubble about 5 finger widths long.
  2. Make a second bubble the exact same length.
  3. Fold these two big bubbles together.
  4. Twist them together at the base of the neck.

Step 6: Make the Puffed Out Chest

  1. Make a bubble that’s about ⅔ the length of the bubbles used for the body.
  2. Fold this piece towards the two body sections and carefully push it through the middle of the two long bubbles with your thumbs while rolling the two pieces outward.
  3. Pull down the tail so the two body sections meet.

Step 7: Make the Feet

  1. Make two small bubbles.
  2. Fold and twist them together.

Step 8: Make the Tail

  1. Bring the deflated end of the balloon to the base of the body, above the feet, and form a loop with the remaining portion of the balloon.
  2. Wrap the deflated part around 3-4 times to secure it.

Step 9: Finish Your Parrot

  1. Adjust the eyes and beak to make your parrot look pretty.
  2. Draw on eyes to add character.
  3. Take a selfie and congratulate yourself. You just made a parrot.

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    4 years ago

    This is awesome! I remember making balloon animals when I was a kid. I got a how-to book with some balloons as a present once. Such great fun!