Make a Basic Box for a Year of Seasonal Decor

Introduction: Make a Basic Box for a Year of Seasonal Decor

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I've (Steph) been a Gilmore girls fan since season one. When I heard that it was coming back I was so excited! My first thought, I have to watch each episode again in preparation for the new show. My second thought, we have to make a DIY project in honor of Gilmore girls!

With the new show being called "Gilmore girls: A Year in the Life," we knew our DIY had to incorporate the seasons in some way. Who doesn't want a little Gilmore girls all year round?! So grab some coffee and a mallomar and enjoy "Gilmore girls: A Seasonal DIY Tablescape."

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Step 1: Watch the How-to Video

Step 2: Gather Materials to Make Box

First we are going to make a simple rustic box using basic household tools.

  • 8' 1x4 strip wood (Home Depot- $1.85) or pallet wood
  • Miter box or miter saw (Amazon)
  • 4 inside corner braces (Everbilt- Home Depot)
  • 4 corner braces (Everbilt- Home Depot)
  • Screws (Everbilt #4x3/8" or #6x1/2" Home Depot)
  • Chalk paint (FolkArt Amazon)
  • Amy Howard's Better with Age (Amazon)
  • Quick drying glue (DAP Rapid Fuse Amazon)
  • Clamps/ Drill

Step 3: Cut the Wood

Cut (3) 24" pieces and (2) 5" pieces from the wood using a miter box or miter saw.

Step 4: Sand All Sides of the Wood

Manually sand or use an orbital sander.

Step 5: Distress the Wood

You can use a mixture of steel wool in vinegar or the product we are using by Amy Howard, Better with Age.

Step 6: Mix a Small Amount of Chalk Paint With Water and Paint the Wood

Step 7: Sand to Distress

Step 8: Assemble Box

Step 9: Glue and Screw

Place corner braces and hold while screwing into place. Repeat with other side.

Apply quick drying glue to both sides then clamp in place.

Screw the bottom corner braces in place.

Step 10: Glue and Re-clamp the Side Pieces and Attach the Corner Braces

Step 11: Add Corner Braces to the Top Four Corners

Step 12: Now It's Time to Start Decorating for the Seasons!

Step 13: Winter

Gilmore girls' winter references: Click here to check your knowledge!

Step 14: Spring

Gilmore girls' spring references: Click here to check your knowledge!

Step 15: Summer

Gilmore girls' summer references: Click here to check your knowledge!

Step 16: Fall

Gilmore girls' fall references: Click here to check your knowledge!

You could also make a box out of pallet wood!

Step 17: Done!

Decorate your table for each season. See how many Gilmore girls references can you display in your tablescape! Now we're ready for Gilmore girls: A year in the Life. Copper Boom!

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    Love this idea! Thanks for sharing. Copper Boom!