Make a Basic Rubber Band Bracelet - Rubber Band Loom

Introduction: Make a Basic Rubber Band Bracelet - Rubber Band Loom

It's easy fun and simple to do once you get the hang of it. Ready or not lets learn!

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Step 1: The Loom Must Be Facing the Right Direction. Make Sure Your Loom Makes a Triangle Shape in the Front. With Your Loom Copy the Image

Make sure your loom is facing the exact direction. Your bracelet may not turn out as you may hope. The right direction is when the the arrow is facing away from you. If you don’t have a rainbow loom and there is no arrow, look at the picture and match it, It helps to know that it should look like a triangle shape, so the one peg is sticking out.

Step 2: You Will Need 13 of One Color and 13 of Another Color, 26 Rubber Bands in Total

If you would like to only use one color rubber bands, that is totally okay, you just need 26 rubber bands in total.

Step 3: Place the Band in a Zigzag Pattern Down the Loom Starting With the First Peg. Till You Reach the End.

With your first color rubber band, place it on the first peg and stretch it to the next peg. Contine doing this pattern in a Zigzag shape down the loom.

Step 4: Turn Your Loom Around So You Can Loop the Bands. Place Your Hook Inside the Bands, Pick the Bottom One Up and Loop It to the Next Peg In

You will need to place your hook through the rubber bands, NOT on the outside of the bands, in the inside of bands. Once you get it, it's a piece of cake.

Step 5: Continue Hooking the Rubber Bands Till You Reach the End of the Loom.

It's really simple and easy, once you get it.

Step 6: Attach a C Clip or an S Clip to Your Last Loop Where the Peg Is Sticking Out.

I'm using an S clip, but a C clip, I think is better. But I didn't have a C clip at the time. They basically work the same.

Step 7: Pull the Bracelet Off the Loom Holding the C or S Clip. If You Followed the Directions Exact, It Shouldn’t Break. If It Breaks, Try and Try Again.

Don't be too worried, pulling the bracelet off the loom shouldn't destroy it. As long as you have followed the instructions exactly. So your process should look like this process almost exactly. I know it can be confusing, so hopefully you can do it with my instructions.

Step 8: Attach the Clip to the Other End of Your Rubber Band Bracelet, So Both Ends Are Attached Together.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Bracelet! Feel and Look Cool As Ice!

There you go! You're done! Hopefully you have sucessfully made your basic awesome rubber band loom bracelet. Thanks for taking your time on this page.

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    I love the complimentary colors!