Make a Batman Coaster

Introduction: Make a Batman Coaster

I love crafting. I made an easy batman coaster with foam board. you can add other designs or logos as well.

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Step 1: Gather All Supplies


  1. Hard foam board
  2. Geometry compass and Pencil
  3. Poster color
  4. Black card stroke paper
  5. Ruler
  6. Blade knife
  7. Super glue
  8. Brush
  9. sand paper

Step 2: Make the Base

Draw 3 circles of your desired size for the coaster on top of a hard foam board.

Cut 2 of the circles the same size.

Use super glue to fix them hard.

Use super glue to fix them hard.

Use sand paper to smoothly finish the edges.

Color the top surface yellow or you can use a yellow card stroke paper on the circle.

Stick a black card stroke paper on the 3rd circle and draw a smaller circle within it and cut it off. This piece is gonna be used as a frame on top of the coaster.

Stick it on top of the coaster and use the sand paper again to make the edges smooth.

Step 3: Make the Detail

Draw the logo of batman on a black paper and cut it out.

Stick it on a foam board and cut it out.

Add glue to stick it on top of the coaster.

Cut a long strip from black card stroke paper.

Wrap around a strip of black card stroke paper on the sides of the coaster use super glue to paste it onto the coaster.

Your batman coaster is ready

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