Make a Battery With Your Own Hands in 5 Simple Steps

Introduction: Make a Battery With Your Own Hands in 5 Simple Steps

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This is really not difficult and only a few simple components are needed.

Step 1: Making Cardboard Circles

First of all, prepare the details for your future hand-made battery. Use vinegar mixed with salt to clean coins (they'll really look as bright as brand new). Leave them in the liquid for a while after you've cleaned them. Meanwhile cut 8-10 cardboard circles the same size as your coins.

Step 2: Making Foil Circles

Also, make circles from folded foil the same size as your coins.

Step 3: Assembling the Battery

So, after you have prepared all the details, you can assemble your battery. Put the details one one another in the following order: a coin, a cardboard circle, a foil circle. Do it until all the details are used. On the top of your battery should be a coin.

Step 4: Test With Multimeter

Measure voltage on the battery with multimeter, if you have it.

Step 5: It's Done!

Attach with sticky tape two wires to your battery: one on its top, another to its bottom. You also should wrap up your battery with a sticky tape. Fix metal terminals to free wire ends.

And it's done!

As you can see, it's not a big deal to assemble a simple battery by your own hands. You don't need special skills or materials to make such a useful thing.

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    3 years ago

    Cool, I haven't seen a homemade one like this :)