Make a Beautiful Pop-Up Flower Card

Introduction: Make a Beautiful Pop-Up Flower Card

This outstanding flower card completely made of paper is perfect for Mother's Day, birthdays, Thank You cards, Get Well Soon cards, baby showers, weddings, pretty much anything! And its really easy to make and only takes a few supplies! Plus, you can customize the colors and types of flowers for different events and different friends (think poinsettias for Christmas or someone's wedding colors!)

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Step 1: Supplies!

You only need a few things:

- cardstock paper in the colors you want your flowers to be (don't forget the leaves!)
- glue (my favorite is Aleene's Tacky Glue)
- a pencil
- scissors
- the card you want to put the flowers on (you can also make this by folding cardstock in half)

Step 2: Draw the Components

This step may take a few times to get the flower shape you want, so do it in pencil so you can erase. Draw a flower like the one pictured (make sure to include the tabs), as well as a leaf.

Step 3: Cut Out All Your Pieces!

Cut out the flower you outlined (cut out the leaf while you're at it too), and cut a long strip of the color paper you would like the inside of the flower to be. 6/8ths of an inch is the ideal width for this piece.

Next, make small cuts into one side of this inside strip of paper to about half way down the strip.

Step 4: Roll It Up and Fray

Roll the inside color piece up and glue at the end. Once dry, fray it by picking apart the pieces with your fingers. You can just sweep your fingers in a circular outward motion, i.e. you don't have to pick apart each little tab.

Step 5: Make the Flower

Next, take your flower cut-out and bring the longer tab over the shorter tab and glue it, so that the flower turns into a conical shape. Also, fold the leaf in half!

Stick the rolled up inside part into the hole in the flower. It's good to do this when the glue is still a little wet, so you can adjust the outside for the size of the rolled up piece.

Step 6: Attach to Card

To attach the flower to the card so it stands up straight, you will need to cut little pieces of paper in long oval shapes and fold them in threes.

You can attach the middle part to the shaft of the flower, the top to the petal, then the bottom to the card. I like to use three in a triangular formation to make it extra secure.

Step 7: Add Leaf and Glue to Card!

Glue the flower onto the card, putting glue on the three tabs but also the bottom of the shaft (the circular part). Next, glue your leaf down under the flower, and you're done!

You can put as many flowers as you want on one card. I also added a few flowers just made of inside pieces.

Get creative--make a bouquet! Have a flower coming out of a flower pot. Draw around the flowers too, write notes, etc. Have fun!

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    This is so pretty! I love all the different types and colors of flowers and how they stand out from the card!