Make a Beautiful Wall Hanging Using Plastic Pot & Embroidery Frame?




Introduction: Make a Beautiful Wall Hanging Using Plastic Pot & Embroidery Frame?

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Wall hangings are an essentiality in every home. It owes to the fact that these hangings give your walls an attractive look. There are several masterpieces of these hangings available in the market. However, at times it may not fit in your budget or it may not match and mix with the colors of the walls and choice.

Then why not try making a wall hanging at home itself and that too with old items such as pots and embroidery frame. Wondering how? Well then, we bring here one such attractive and beautiful wall hangings which is primarily made out of these two raw materials.

Step 1: Things Needed for Making Wall Hanging

  • Cardboard
  • White paper
  • Artificial flowers
  • Craft glue
  • Decorative beads
  • Scissors
  • Wire
  • Lighter
  • Pencil
  • Glue gum
  • Embroidery ring
  • Decorative laces
  • Plastic bowls
  • Fevibond
  • Divider

Step 2: Let's Make Flowers!

  • Take white paper sheets and draw flowers on it as shown.
  • Cut along the outline of these flowers.
  • We need multiple such flowers of different sizes.
  • Now give the petals of the flowers the required curve by folding it against a pencil.
  • Paste the flowers together in a layered manner and stick a golden pearl at the center of the arrangement.
  • We need several such arrangements.

Step 3: Let's Make Hanging!

  • In order to make the hangings for the craft, let us use a bead chain and take some beads.
  • Take some beads and arrange it one after the other.
  • Apply craft glue on the beads so that they stick to one another.
  • Cut the lower end of the bead chain and stick a big white pearl at the end.
  • We need several such bead chain arrangements to form the hangings.
  • Keep them aside.

Step 4: Let's Make a Plastic Bowl Base!

  • Take a plastic bowl and cover it with a white sheet of paper as shown.
  • Now take a cardboard and place the embroidery ring on it to draw a circle.
  • Cut out the circle on the cardboard and stick the embroidery ring on it.
  • Make a hole at the center of this arrangement using a pencil and a wire.
  • Use a scale to mark equal distances on the ring-shaped arrangement.
  • Make holes at each of the markings to fix the hangings.

Step 5: Let's Fix Hanging & Paste the Flowers!

  • Take each of the hangings and pass it through the hole.
  • Tie the top end of the hangings and paste it on the surface of the ring so that it stays firmly.
  • Now take the plastic bowl and stick it on the upper surface of the ring.
  • Paste the artificial flowers and leaves on the surface of the bowl.
  • Paste the flowers prepared in step 1 on the surface of the ring and the bowl.

Step 6: Let's Make Hanging at the Top!

  • Now take a lighter and divider, heat the tip of the divider with the lighter and use it to make two holes on the surface of the bowl.
  • Take a wire and cut it into two equal pieces.
  • Take a decorative lace and tie it in the center where it should be fixed properly using glue.
  • Now insert both the wires through the hole with the help of a divider.
  • This forms the loop to hang your wall decoration.
  • Stick one more paper flower on the top to cover up the hanging arrangement.

Wow!! Your beautiful flower wall hanging is now ready to use.

Step 7: ​Conclusion

This flower wall hanging looks very unique and extremely beautiful. You can use your creativity to decorate it. This wall hanging will make a perfect home decoration and can be used in any of the rooms. Your guests will definitely go gaga over it.

Try this wall hanging and share your feedback with us.

Happy crafting!!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    I love all of those paper flowers :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    Hey dear Penolopy, thanks a lot for loving my craft work. The flowers in this room decor craft is the most beautiful yet easy part. Thanks again for your support and love. Cheers!