Make a Beermaster Mt Fury





Introduction: Make a Beermaster Mt Fury

Transform a bike into a two wheeled beer carrying machine.

Step 1: Required Materials

These materials are required:

Sierra Mist and Doritos for sustenance

A Swiss Army knife with flat head screwdriver attachment

A couple of PVC pipe angle joins

Hose clamps of various diameters

Footy/Electrical Tape

Beer stickers

A Roadmaster Mt Fury bike

Step 2: Prepare the Bike

Wrap footy tape around handle bars.

Step 3: Mount Beer Holder

Clamp the large diameter clamp around the pvc pipe and loop 2 smaller clamps through the large.

Fix the pipe to the handlebars using the smaller clamps.

Step 4: Affix Stickers

Stick your stickers over the "Road" part of Roadmaster.

Step 5: Test Out the Holding Capabilities

Place a beer in the holder and ensure the precious cargo is secure.

Step 6: Show Off Your Pimpin Ride!

You'll be rolling like 8 mile in these bad boys.



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    11 Discussions

    In some places, riding a bike with alcohol is a DUI.

    Roadmaster...paintwork?  I am confused.

    For some reason I always thought this was a really big water bottle made from ABS attached to a bike. I guess it's not... But that gives me an idea! Thanks!

    5 stars man! this was awesome! took me like 10 minutes to attach. i moved it to the frame because of the road bike handlebars. it doesn't get in the way of pedaling or shifting! woo! (see pics!) great idea, great instructable! i'll upload more pics when i paint it.


    Does the bottle fall out (top or bottom) if you hit rough terrain. how would you carry enough for the whole trip?

    I carry a whole 12-pack on the back of my bike, and keep the box closed up most of the time, and when I want a drink, pull over, check for no on-lookers, pull one out, drink some, and put the bottle back in.

    Not bad, why the angle joint though. I'd use a smaller pipe, and just glue an old mismatched sock to the inside and closed end of the pipe (for padding). Less tape to put it on, less bulky, blah blah.