Make a Big Bow for Your Chritsmas Tree


Introduction: Make a Big Bow for Your Chritsmas Tree

One day I was cleaning my kitchen and when I was about to put the cardboard egg carton into the trash can, I folded in the middle to make it smaller, and when I realized the form it took, I run to my studio and grabbed my scissors, a needle, string, and the ribbon to create this Big Bow for my Chritsmas Tree

Step 1: Fold in the Middle

Step 2: With a Needle and String Attach All the Parts in the Center of the Piece

Step 3: It Has to Look Like This

Step 4: Then Tight Strong

Step 5: Once You Have the Center Like This, You Are Ready to Decor the Bow

Step 6: Start From the Center (back) and Cover All the Cardboard From One Corner to the Other One (opposite)

Step 7: At This Point ...It's Almost Done

Step 8: Add Another Ribbon to Create Contrast and Voil√°....This Is the Result!!!



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