Make a Wireless Bluetooth/WiFi Robot Tank Car Chassis Based on ESP8266 and HC-06



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more details, please move to doit wifi. and can download the source code, app, and user manual.

more source code and documents:

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

prepair the materials, as show in the follwing:

1. tank chassis: choose one suitable robot car chassis;

2. uno control board: choose the suitable one;

3. WiFi module DT-06;

4. Bluetooth module HC-06.

More details, please move to the doit wifi to download the source code, app, and document.

Step 2: Connection

① Please Firstly fix UNO R3 board on the car chassis, then insert the 2-way motor & 16-way servo into the UNO board, and then connect the cable to the drive board “VM” and “GND”.

② Then connect the cable of motor to the drive board at “A+”,“A-”, and “B-”, “B+”;

③ Insert“HC-06 bluetooth”or“DT-06 WiFi module”into the driver 4pin interface. Note that, please insert the pin of module to the corresponding pins of drive board. (i.e., RXD of module is corresponding to the TX, the TXD of module is corresponding to the RX of drive board, VCC and GND is corresponding to the 5V and GND);

Step 3: Wifi Control

insert the DT-06 directly into the driver board.

Step 4: Bluetooth CONTROL

insert the HC-06 into the driver board.

Step 5: Use Bluetooth/WiFi to Control the Car :

Bluetooth mode: Insert the HC-06 module to the driver board, and then open the Bluetooth in the phone, search the “HC-06” Bluetooth hotspot, the default password is 1234. After successful, please open the car APP, and click “Bluetooth mode”, and connect it. If successful, then app in your phone would display “connected”, then can control the car by the Bluetooth.

Step 6: ​WiFi Mode

after insert the DT-06 into the drive board, then open the WiFi, you can find a wifi signal named as“Doit_WiFi_XXXXXX”hotspot, (the last 6 bits of the wifi signal hotspot is the last 6bits of the MAC address for the DT-06). After connect this hotspot, and then open the APP, click “WiFi mode”, and then can control the car. APP and source code can be download from doit wifi.

Step 7: A Prompt Reminder

1. If cannot control the car, please check the connection again and again, and also check whether has the jumper in the driver board;

2. If cannot search the WiFi/Bluetooth, please check the HC-06/DT-06 module insertion;

3. When use DT-06, the WiFi signal name is “Doit_WiFi_XXXXXX”, if it is not this name, then maybe built-in the firmware.

all the Arduino source cdoe, app, andriod code, and user manual, can be downloaded from the doit wifi.



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