Make a Bob-omb Plush - Super Mario Bros




Introduction: Make a Bob-omb Plush - Super Mario Bros

Pattern is available here


A sewing machine
Black, yellow and white fabric. The fuzzier the better
A bag of Polyfill
The pattern
Some cutting utensils
Black white and yellow thread
Fabric pencils or pens
Sewing pins and needle
And if you're like me, a seam ripper for correcting mistakes

Cut everything out

Detail Video:
First, cut out all of the pieces of the pattern, including the feet tops that are missing here.
Then cut out all of the pieces in the corresponding colors.

Sew the eyes into the body

Detail Video:
Take the white oval piece, and the body piece with the oval hole, and sew them together.
Repeat for the other eye.

Make the key

Detail Video:
Put the good sides in if there are any, and then sew around the outside, leaving the flat section open.

Flip the key inside out and then sew the insides using an invisible stitch. This is where you put the needle through the middle, and then around, and through the middle again.

Do this around the insides of both openings

Make the feet

Detail Video:
Pin the side piece so that the foot looks like a turtle shell.
There should be a little gap at the end of the oval.
Sew the two pieces together around the entire outside of the foot.
Repeat for the other foot.
I originally forgot to do this, but next you need to sew the top of the foot on. I did this by hand, but if you want, you can use the machine.
Repeat for the other foot.

Make the top

Detail Video:
Sew the sides of the 6 triangular top pieces together so they form a hexagon.
There should be  small opening in the centre where we'll put the wick later.

Make the wick

Detail Video:
Fold the wick in half longways and pin it together.
Sew one end shut, and then sew the side together.

Make the body

Detail Video:
Find the pieces marked with a 1, put them bedside each other, and then flip the right one over. Pin it together and then sew it up.

Repeat for number 2. Fold it, pin it and sew it.

The only difference for number 3 is that you don't want to sew the key hole shut. Flip it;, pin the top and bottom, and the sew it.

Flip number 4, pin and sew.
And the same for number 5.

Lastly, sew the two ends together, but leave some space near the bottom so that you can flip the plush inside out later.

Attach the top

Detail Video:
Line up the points of the hexagon top and the body; Sew all around the edges using black thread lining up the points as you go. The good side should be inside the body.

Attach the feet

Detail Video:
Flip the feet inside out, and then insert them into the circular holes on the sides of the body. Line up the small gap on the bottom of the feet with the pointy end of the black piece.
Then sew the foot to the body.
Repeat for the other foot.

Attach the wick

Detail Video:
Turn the wick inside out using a pencil or blade-less exacto knife.
Stuff it with polyfill.
Push it through the opening in the centre of the top piece.
Check what it looks like on the inside of the body. I decided to chop about an inch off mine so it wasn't quite so long.
Sew the edges of the wick to the top piece.
Put lots of stitching in. I didn't, and had to re-stitch mine on later.

Attach the key

Detail Video:
Stuff the inside of the key as firm as you can.
Insert the key into the keyhole on the body.
I had to take some of the stuffing out so that it wasn't in my way.
Sew both sides of the keyhole so there's no gaps.

Flip and stuff

Detail Video:
Gently turn the Bob-Omb inside out.
Make sure the feet are well stuffed.
Then stuff the body. This takes a LOT of stuffing. Take your time and make sure it's proper stuffed.

Sew the bottom shut

Detail Video:
Using the invisible stitch you used on the key, sew the arse end shut. This takes a long time, so try not to rush it, or you'll find your Bob-omb's got some leaks later on.

And voila! One Bob-Omb plush toy!

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    6 Discussions


    4 years ago

    cool i just got my sewing stuff


    6 years ago

    Did u make this because it is so so so so so so so so so so cute

    You make everything look so easy! I'm always so intimidated by sewing, but you're just whizzing through it!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    This took me around 5 1/2 hours or so and it was my second attempt, so the video makes it look a lot easier than it actually was (a large part of the first try was a busted pattern though).

    That being said, it's really not so difficult as long as you bring your patience. It can be very easy to rush and then that's when you make mistakes.

    And of course, practice, practice, practice. It'll not seem so intimidating after you've done it a bunch.

    Thanks for watching :)