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Introduction: Make a Bottle Cap Bag

Hi I am Dutch and live in Sweden. I love to create things in my little woodshop.

For many years ago I collected bottle caps. When I cleaned the attic I found them again. They are too beautiful to throw away. I transformed them into a green bottle cap bag. But that was before Instructables.....

Now I made my second bottle cap bag, and this time I will show you how to make it. Do you also have a collection of bottle caps on your attic? Why not make a bottle cap bag too?

Step 1: This Is What You Need

Bottle caps

wire (1 mm- 1.5 mm)

steel rod (3-4mm)

Solder and soldering iron or gas (optional)



screws and washers to mount handle and lock

awl (or a nail)


bit of lumber

gloves (optional)

2 iron rods

Rivets, drill


Step 2: Design Your Bag

How will your bag look?

A difficult decision but whatever you choose it is always right. I choose a red bag with one blue cap.

The green bag is bigger than the red one. For the red one you needed 128 bottle caps and for the green one just a little bit more.

Lay all your bottle caps on the table and arrange them in the 4 sides and bottom and lock so you know that you have enough bottle caps.

Step 3: Make 4 Holes in Your Caps

Draw a cross on your lumber and punch four holes in each cap with a hammer and an awl (A nail will do also). One hole at 12 o’clock one at 3 o’clock, one at 6 o’clock and one at 9 o’clock. Have patience it will take a while……

Step 4: Put the Cottle Caps on the Wire

Cut the 6 pieces of wire about 55 cm long.

You start with the horizontal wires first. Put the caps of the bottom and the caps of the both long sides on the wire.

The edges of the caps can be sharp so you might need gloves to protect your hands. (I didn’t use them but I wish I did)

Step 5: Weave the Wire

Now weave the vertical wires. Start with the first row of a short side weave through the first row of the bottom and continue to the other short side.

Use pliers and lift up the horizontal wire if needed. Well done the bottom is fixed.

Step 6: Almost Done.......

Although this is the most difficult step.

Now you have to fix the sides. Cut 4 wires 88 cm long. Weave the sides.

Fasten the end of the wire in the three corners while twisting the wire with a plier and put the end into a cap.

Step 7: The Lid

Make the lid in the same way as the bottom.

Fasten the end of the wire while twisting the wire with a plier and put the end into the cap.

Step 8: The Frame

Bend the rod in the right dimension. Measure on your bag and make to frames in the same size.

I soldered the frame on the green bag but it isn’t necessary.

Bent the wire from the bottom around the frame. Do the same with the lid.

Step 9: Prepare the Lid and the Lock

Mount the handle on the lid and decide what kind of lock or latch you will have.

I mounted the lock on the green bag with rivets. If you will do this too you will have to drill through the caps.

I mounted the latch for the red bag with wire and screws.

Step 10: Ensamble the Lid to the Bag

This are the most simples hinges in the world. Wrap wire on the to frames and bend it with pliers together.

Step 11: Enjoy!

You can make a bottom in your bag by sawing a bit plywood or using cardboard if you whish.

If you like this project, please consider to vote for me. Thank you for reading this instructables and good luck with your own bottle caps

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    17 Discussions

    In Kenya you see a lot of these bags but also cars, airplanes, motor bikes and various animals

    2 replies

    I'm sure it's not what you meant, but I just got a good chuckle out of envisioning a goat trotting around wearing bottlecap armor.

    I am super-excited to make this and I voted for you! :D Do you happen to have the lengths of the steel rods? I don't have a saw that will work, but maybe the hardware store will cut them for me if I know the lengths. I want to make both of the bags that are listed, so post them if you can. Thanks!!

    1 reply

    Hej thank you for your vote! I bought the rods in Sweden and they were 120 cm. To the red bag you need approximately 40 cm. I can not give you the lengths for the green bag but if you lay the bottle caps needed for the bag in a row and take some extra lenght than it will do ;-). Good luck.

    If you buy thin steel rods 3 mm I think you can cut them with a dremel if you have acces to that.

    Would not be too difficult to alter the design to make an "armored" 6-pack carrier! Nifty project!

    2 replies

    Thank you!

    This is a cool idea but a better (much faster) way to make the holes would be to use a pair of these punch pliers:


    I've made earrings from bottle caps and these punch through like the metal was paper. And given the number of holes for the bag this would be so much better. I'm not affiliated with anyone selling the pliers, I just like the product.


    1 reply

    Great idea amaries, I like it very much. I do have a lot of plastic bottlecaps that will now find a destination.

    1 reply

    How nice, send a picture when you're done :-)

    nice one...i better start collecting bottle cap then...thanks for the idea!!

    1 reply

    Yes nice, go go go and you're welcome

    Awesome! I love the latch too. Great job!

    Thank you for your nice comment it will last a day I think before it is in a contest, unfortunately

    These are amazing. What a fantastic idea!! This is exactly the kind of bag that should be in the bag contest. Voted