Make a Butter Candle - Science Experiment

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This is one of my favourite science experiments cause it's great fun but also super easy and cheap! Not only this but who thinks of butter as a candle? So it's a great party trick!

Before I begin, check out my site - for other cool experiments.

Step 1: Let's Gather Up the Materials

So all your gonna need is:


Toilet paper (The more ply the better!)

Something to poke the a hole in the butter (I use a skewer)

Scissors (Optional)

Step 2: Get the Materials Ready

Let's get get all the materials ready before we make it.

So first off let's cut your butter in half. Now grab that piece of toilet paper and cut it into quarters (4 Pieces) once you've done that fold it into triangle then roll that triangle and make into a little hook.

I would also go ahead and poke a hole in the centre of the butter with a skewer at this point. (This hole is where the wick (toilet paper) will go)

Step 3: Finish It

Last step now!

With that piece of toilet paper push it into the hole we just put in with the skewer pushing the hook down. (Look at the image if confused) Once pushed down grab a match/lighter, and your done! :)

Step 4: Enjoy!

There easy as! Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy project! If your feeling adventurous you could try the fire-proof balloon experiment in combination with this experiment!



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