Make a Cardboard Tool Box

Introduction: Make a Cardboard Tool Box

Two years ago I found a beautiful old wooden sheep shearing box at Camberwell Market during a trip to Australia with my family.

It was beautifully worn and even had tiny little strands of wool still caught in some of the corners. I quickly filled it up with my favorite sewing tools and supplies, and have enjoyed toting it around immensely ever since.

I have long thought about trying to replicate the design in cardboard for my cardboard tools. When I started working with banana boxes last year I realized I had found a possible solution.

I spent several weeks in late December and early January creating a variety of designs and assembly techniques that incorporated the pre-made features from the banana box like the pre-punched handholds.

I truly believe that this 100% recycled and 100% recyclable (essentially paper) toolbox could last a lifetime. It’s easy to build, strong, durable, and functional. Maybe someone will buy mine at a flea market some day. Wouldn’t that be cool? (Although maybe now that I’ve built about 10 extras, I might get on that sooner than later…) more information available at



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i used 8 ply corrugated sheet box with some 3m double sided tape and duct tape is is very durable

Nice! Another advantage of it is probably the weight, Cardboard weighs a lot less

Really nice. I'm not into handyman work and usually call professionals, but this a good idea to store my most basic tools such as my screw driver, hammer and est.

Love it. Good video. I made a cardboard basket for my daughter's bike, so this project peeked my interest ;)

Really great project, and wonderful video too. Thanks for sharing this.

I like that.
May adapt it to make dividers for my Stanley Fatmax toolbag, to organise small things like screwdrivers, spanners and so on. Currently using cut up plastic milk bottles but they tend to get crushed.

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HDPE plastic milk bottles are much more durable than cardboard. Perhaps you could double up the milk bottles? Some of them nest pretty well together.

A great way to reuse an abundant material. Great project!