Make a Cassette Tape Out of Wood.,,

Introduction: Make a Cassette Tape Out of Wood.,,

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this is a very easy and quick project

just to keep you busy.,,,

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Step 1: What You Will Need,,.

piece of wood 1 1/2 by 3 1/4 inch.,


dremel multi tool

dremel orange dipped grinding stone

1cm chisel

glue gun (optional)

tiny bit of balsa wood (optional)

hammer or mallet

Step 2: Use the Saw,,

firstly we are going to saw the wood

to the measurements mentioned earlier

1 and 1/2 by 31/4 inch.,,

Step 3: Grab Your Dremel,,,

grab the dremel attach the orange dipped grinding stone

then make 2 grinds , (making sure the dips are semetrical)

also try not to grind to deep

you want it looking like in the pic.,,,

Step 4: Now Chisel and Mallet.,,,

get your chisel

carefuly (using a hammer or mallet))

make a straight line

connecting the 2 dips.,,,

Step 5: Glue Gun.,,,

this is optional but makes a big difference

get a small amount of balsa wood and using the chisel cut a very thin piece

now line it up with the 2 straight lines connecting the dips

get a glue gun apply a thin bit of glue and with a chisel push the balsa wood in tightly to the straight lines

(use a chisel as glue from a glue gun gets very hot).,,,

Step 6: Walla the End

and thats it

a very easy quick project

stay safe every one and happy crafting.,,,

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