Make a Catwoman Costume for Halloween





Introduction: Make a Catwoman Costume for Halloween

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Learn how to make a catwoman costume for halloween!



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    Heres my result!!! Giannyl you saved my halloween! I found out that the mask comes out perfect!

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    I never understood why all the new catwoman costumes looked like this. Why would catwoman scratch HERSELF? You have an easy, nice-looking costume, but I'm a traditionalist.

    Don'tkow if it's just me orot, but I liked Michelle Pheiffer as Catwomanmuch better than Halley Berry! But nice catwoman costume you made there, nonetheess!

    good job....giannyl..always admire people who can make something used stuff...

    i think if your gonna go all berry catwoman then use a thong leotard but if you want to do a classic catwoman i got no clue
    tons of leather and rivets

    But PLEASE, if you are going to do it, have the body for it! If you look like Rosie O'Donnel, PLEASE do not wear this outfit...

    Consider wearing this instead:

    It wouldn't be that hard to make it like it was in the movie. Just use some heavy white thread to sew it together kind of haphazard.

    Thank you sooooo much!!!! Everyone loved the costume... and the mask! as a cheaper substitute for leather pants you could use leggings! One thing you forgot to make was the whip!.. How I did it was I got an old suede skirt from sally anne's and electrical tape from the dollarstore. I wrapped a long strip of leather with the tape for the whip portion, and then I wrapped leather around a highlighter for the handle. For added affect i slashed the handle so some of the tape could be seen through. My costume would have been equally impressive if I ditched the catwoman stuff and called myself 'whip holder'

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    Very nice for costumes and for girls!!


    Very cute costume. Vissy, I could be wrong, but didn't the movie version of Catwoman's outfit get cut up from falling and fighting? I think that is the idea behind it. She isn't "scratching herself." :)

     Buenísimo! Me diste una GRAN orientación para hacer una mascara de super héroe (para un cortometraje independiente), la verdad que me estaba re-enroscando y veo que es bastante simple si se le pone paciencia y ganas jeje.