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Hey everyone! Today I'm going to share a project with you for a chainmail bowtie! This is a design I came up with from scratch and am very proud of. You're guaranteed to make a statement when you go to your next classy event wearing a handmade chainmail bow tie. I also made a very detailed instructional video to show you all the steps in a lot more detail, so make sure you check that out here. Additionally, I have separate videos showing all the chainmail patterns I used for this project in a lot more detail, so if you are completely new to the art of making chainmail check those out on my youtube channel (and other instructables) to learn some of the basics.

Seriously, anyone can figure out how to make this with no prior knowledge well within a day. (This project itself took me 2.5 hours)

Step 1: Make a European 6-1 Chain!

The rings that I'm using for this project are 16 gauge 1/4" neoprene rubber rings and 18 gauge 1/4" bright aluminium rings. These rings are available from a number of sources online, I buy mine from

Start off by making a piece of European 6-1 pattern that is 18 units long and has a pyramid formation, so only one rubber ring on the ends of the chain. Again, refer to my video if need further explanation, and the other videos on my youtube channel if you are unfamiliar with making chainmail.

Step 2: Continue the European 6-1 Sheet in a Pyramid Formation

Now add rings horizontal in the same pattern as the chain you made in the last step, creating a pyramid piece of European 6-1 sheet. Stop when you get to a length of 6 units at the top of the pyramid.

Step 3: Create a Rectangle 6 Units High and 3 Rows Across

When you get to the first row that is going to be 6 units long, instead of continuing the pyramid pattern, build a rectangle as shown in this image.

Step 4: Continue the Sheet to Make It Symmetrical

Build a pyramid out from the rectangular centre of the bow tie created in the last step until your sheet of European 6-1 is symmetrical.

Step 5: Create a Boarder of Half Persian 4-1 Chain Along the Edges of the Sheet

Weave additional rings into the ends of the chainmail sheet to create a half Persian 4-1 boarder, as shown in these images (again refer to the video, and my other videos if needed, for more information.)

Step 6: Make a 2x2x2 Chain Long Enough to Go Around Your Neck

Use rings to make a piece of 2x2 chain that is long enough to fit around your neck (with some extra slack) and put a hook clasp on one end.

Step 7: Create a 'knot' From European 4-1

I used aluminum 16g 1/4" rings for this step to create a piece of chainmail sheet that will be used for the knot. It can be rectangular (or slightly angled, like mine) depending on the look of the knot you want. Make sure it is 11 rows wide.

Step 8: Close the Knot Over the Bow

Place the bow over the sheet being used for the knot, and line the chain up on top of the bow. Continue the Euro 4-1 pattern to close the knot up. (Again, see the video if you haven't already :) )

Step 9: Finishing Touches and Alterations

That's really all there is to it! If your knot is not sitting right, you can weave the loose tings at the front to the front of the bowtie, just make sure you do it in a way that is symmetrical. There is also a lot of opportunity to add colour variations and knot alterations to this project, so I'd love to see what you come up with!

Thanks for checking out my project and let me know if you have any questions :)



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    1 year ago

    I want to make this for my daughter for xmas. This is super cool. How many of each kind of ring should I order>


    1 year ago

    Awesome job, and loving your extra model too!!

    Thanks for taking my idea on board, and apologies for it hijacking all your free time. It was sooo worth it!!

    1 reply