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Hello again folks. Long time no instructable. Well today we will be making a simple and very effective coin holder. It's easy. This one holds Quarters but it can also hold Nickels, Dimes, and Pennies but I find that Quarters are more important. This one fits Quarters just right. But in the end, it's what YOU wanna put into it. The best parts of this are: it's cheap, easy, effective, AND has a screw on top so the cover will not come off easily! Brilliant! Let's get started.

UPDATE!: This "cointainer" can hold up to 15 quarters. I recently tested it out. Enjoy!

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Step 1: Scoop Out the Stuff

Ok, so I have here a beige/tan blistex container called: Daily Conditioning Treatment (DCT) SPF 20. This happens to be a medicated lip balm that I bought once. I didn't realize it would be medicated so I no longer used it. Sorry but I hate having mint feeling on my lips...soooooo...decided to one day do something with this container that I am no longer using.

So here is how we do the scooping:

Take tissues and start scooping out the lip balm. This took 3 or 4 tries in order for all the stuff to come out. then take another tissue and just get all the last remnants.

Step 2: Wash the Container

Pretty simple here: just take soap and water and wash the container. Make sure you get all the lip balmy/gel-like goodness out of there. Feel it with your hands so you know that you washed it properly and that it's not slimy. Cause hey...who wants that?

Step 3: Complete!

Alright. Just dry the thing and you are done. Start inserting coins (whichever ones you want) or other stuff and start enjoying.

Step 4: Do Note the Following:

1) This container I have works best with Quarters but like I said, you pick what coins you want to put into it.

2) The BLUE lip balm container (like the Blistex Medicated) DOES NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT fit Quarters. So if you are to do this instructable, make sure that you get the one that I have listed in the picture: Daily Conditioning Treatment: DCT Blistex SPF 20.

3) This is perfect for those laundry days when you need Quarters handy.

4) I'm not sure if this is water-proof or not but looks pretty air tight.

***For those asking why would I want to water-proof coins***: it is not to water-proof coins although it might be very waterproof or it may not. I'm not sure on the water-proof part BUT you don't have to limit this to just coins or quarters. you can put other stuff in it.

5) Blue lip balm containers = perfect for pills (aspirins, medications, etc.) or other things (whatever you can think of).


6) Beige/Tan lip balm containers = best for coins (like my instructable) but can also be used to store pills or other stuff.


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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Yes. those work just as well. I used to use them before I decided to convert a lip balm container into a coin holder. ;)

    as for the waterproof part, I said that because you don't have to only hold coins or quarters in it. you can find other stuff to put in there.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    yes, i find putting quarters in quarter sized things, nickels in nickel sized things, etc. very convenient. but i wouldn't make an Instructable on it.

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    that's fine but I felt like making an instructable on it anyway...cause hey you never know what ideas people can get from others ideas.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I got a few of these empty containers in a set at Big Lots once. I had no idea what to do with them but now I do. The set also had travel shampoo containers too, which are great for storing alcohol for alcohol stoves for camping.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Quarters are fairly water-proof themselves, so it probably wouldn't matter too much unless you plan to hold non-coins. But then you' d have a completely different I'ble all together.

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I was under the impression that coins were generally very weather proof. When was the last time a coin was reduced to an unusable state by water?