Make a Cool Scarf From Up Cycled Cut T-shirts

Introduction: Make a Cool Scarf From Up Cycled Cut T-shirts

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Every mom that I know has a pile of things that their child no longer uses but they can't find it in their heart to throw out.

Let's face it, we can't keep everything....


I had a pile of my sons old onesies & t-shirts that I had no clue what I was going to do with.

NOW we both have matching scarves that are adorable & you will too!

Here's how:

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Step 1: Harvest the Strips

  • Cut the seam(s) off in one piece and set aside.
  • Cut the "meat" of the shirts into 4"-5" strips. You will notice that you will like the way that some fabric stretches one way while another will stretch a different way-play with it!

Step 2: Save the Seam for the Base of Your Scarf

  • The green strip in the picture is the seam that was set aside earlier. Depending on the length of your scarf & the length of the seam, you may have to tie 2 seams together. Don't worry if it looks awkward at first-all the strips will fill in any flaws!
  • Take either one strip at a time & tie them over in half (so the seam is in the middle) or you can do multiple strips at a time. One basic knot is good enough to hold 100% cotton, but we know you are an over achiever and will double knot those puppies!

Step 3: Be the Envy of All the Moms

When they ask "Where did you come up with such an amazing idea?!?"

You say: "My brain"!

Then flip your hair over your shoulder & sip your wine out of that diet coke can!

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    Creative way to reuse materials. Thanks for sharing.


    Reply 1 year ago

    You are welcome!