Make a Custom/Business Logo Keychain

Introduction: Make a Custom/Business Logo Keychain

What is up everybody, In this quick tutorial I am going to show you how to create a custom personal or business logo keychain with a 3d printer. For this instructable you will basically need just a 3d printer and some knowledge of any available cad/3d modeling software.

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Step 1: Vectorizing / 3d Modeling

- I start this project with firstly choosing a logo, that I want to have on my keychain.

- Simply vectorize the image in any vectorizing software and export it as .dxf format

- I have used solidworks to create a 3D model but you can use any free cad program available on the internet. I also made a tutorial how I did this in solidworks so if you are interested please click on a video below.

- After our model is finished, save it as .stl format and drag it to the slicing software.

Step 2: Slicing / Printing

- I recommend you print it on medium speed with heated bed to prevent any adhesion errors.

- Now just export the g-code and start printing your file..

-I have been using filament and I am very satisfied with the quality and price overall.

- If you are interested in their filament you can get a free sample of any material and color you want so you can make sure the quality is really there.

- Now lets move back to the project. Once the file was printed I wait for bed to cool down and slowly remove logo from the bed.

Step 3: Cleaning Printed Part

- I had to trim of some unwanted retraction strings and the last part we need is a blank key ring.

- Slowly put on your logo and the key chain is finished.

- You can create any logo key chain you want so as I make one in black edition or print gift for you friends birthday like this skeleton fish key chain.

-I am really satisfied with how it turned out and I highly recommend you make one for yourself.

That would be all, thank you for reading this instructable, If you like it please also consider clicking on the video below of how I do it and enjoy the great music.

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