Make a Demon Sword With

Introduction: Make a Demon Sword With

In this Instructable we'll learn how to make a Demon Sword in Cube Team!

Cube Team is a 3d modeling program that runs in your browser. You can use it to make objects and worlds out of voxels (cubes). It's kind of like Minecraft, except with paint brushes, and export is built in!

Step 1: Copy the Project

Okay. The first step is really easy.

1. Head over to the Demon Sword Parts project and click the Copy Project button.

You'll need to make a Cube Team account if you don't have one already. In that case, click Sign Up at the top right of the screen and follow the instructions there.

2. Once you have your own copy of the project, click Edit to bring up the Cube Team interface.

Step 2: Select the Handle

Once you've clicked Edit to open your copy of the project, you're ready to export the parts.

1. Click the Select tool from the tools palette on the left.

2. Set the Brush Size to something large-ish. Maybe 5 or 6.

3. Paint the sword handle with your Select brush. Make sure every voxel is selected (Selected voxels have the stripey pattern)

Now you're ready to export the handle!

Step 3: Export the Handle

Okay! We're ready to export the handle.

1. First, click on the Share tab, and then Export Selected

A dialog will open up with a preview of what you're about to export. Make sure the preview looks good, and then:

2. Choose Wavefront (.obj) as the export format. Here are some settings we have found to work well:

  • Cube Scale: 4mm
  • Shrink for Connectors: 0.06mm
  • Shape: Cubed

Shrink for Connectors is a special setting for parts that interlock. Since we'll be assembling the Demon Sword from 2 pieces, we should use this so they fit together. 0.06 is a setting we've found to work well on our MakerBot, but feel free to play around and see what results you get.

3. Click Export! A file will appear in your project folder.

Now you can repeat the previous steps for the two Sword Blade parts next to the handle in the project.

Step 4: Print

The images above show our recommended build orientations for the two parts in the MakerBot software. Other 3d-printer types will work, but we haven't had a chance to use them yet. Play around with the settings til you find something that works well.

For our print, we used Red and ClearPLA filament. We needed Supports for the Sword Handle but not for the Blade. That part seemed to print fine without. Both parts needed the Raft.

Step 5: Assemble

Once the parts are printed, you're ready to put them together. You might need a light hammer for this (plastic or rubber are best) because the fit can be a little tight.

1. First insert the hilt (handle) into the largerblade half, and press them together.

2. Next sandwich the hilt between the larger and smaller blade halves. Here's where you might need a hammer. It's important for the fit to be tight so the parts stay together. Be careful, though! 3D prints can be brittle!

Step 6: Demon Sword!

Congrats! You made a Demon Sword with CubeTeam!

To battle~!

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    pretty sweet


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    ya plastic


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Looks like you could make physical instantiations of Minecraft objects using this....pretty cool!