Make a ESP8266 Dev Board Into a WeMo




Introduction: Make a ESP8266 Dev Board Into a WeMo

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Today I will be teaching you how to turn an esp8266 into a WeMo in just a few simple steps!

Step 1: Parts

Well, For this project, the parts are pretty obvious...

ESP8266 Dev Board

Mico USB Cable

SmartHome Device (I used an Amazon Echo)

Bread Board (optional)

Step 2: Code

This is where all the important stuff... Gets really important.

Please download these libraries for the .ino file to work.

NOTE!!!! is the library! is the Arduino project!

Picture =

Step 3: Program the WiFi

1) Locate credentials.h in fauxmoESP.ino

2) Replace the ###'s with your SSID and Password

Note! SSID and Password are CasEseNsiTive!

3) Save fauxmoESP.ino and upload to board

Step 4: Questions? Comments?

I hope that this guide was enough to help set up your new "ESP-Mo" (esp8266-wemo)!

If you have any questions or comments please ask them!



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    8 Discussions


    27 days ago

    After running the fauxmo code on Alexa, the message "device is unresponsive" is displayed until I press the button again. Are there any solutions? Thanks for your time on this.

    This no longer works with newer firmware on Echo.


    Question 4 months ago

    I have a naked Esp12-e PC board that I designed (not the NodeMCU Esp12-e)-

    The code compiles well,

    and completes the device upload on to the Esp12-e,

    no errors occur...

    I see the device connect to my WiFi...using the Asus Router Admin...

    but Wemo doesn't see the device...and Google Home doesen't see the device.

    I'm pretty inexperienced as a programmer- what exactly does this mean "add devices here" in the Arduino code...

    I need to toggle GPIO 13...

    but ultimately GPIO 12, 13 4 and 5 for the quad relay control.

    I'm trying VERY hard to have Google Home control my custom made devices based on Esp12-e. < Open source home control PC boards

    I can not get Alexa to discover the ESP device in the sketch?

    please provide guidance to do so...


    So how would I go about connecting to a relay? I would assume adding the below code to the sketch?

    #define Relay1 7


    digitalWrite(Relay1, HIGH);

    2 replies

    Something along those lines, Just be sure to input the digitalWrite into a void loop or something like this

    #define Relay1 7

    void setup(); {

    pinMode(Relay1, OUTPUT);


    void loop(); {

    digitalWrite(Relay1, HIGH);


    digitalWrite(Relay1, LOW);


    Something along those lines.

    Basically the same as turning a led low and high.

    Hiya, I get an error compiling...

    AsyncPrinter.cpp:151:34: error: 'class cbuf' has no member named 'available'

    size_t available = _tx_buffer->available();

    Any help or advice would be welcome, thanks