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Introduction: Make a Fairy Wand!

About: I'm an artist who loves making pretty things! I have a gorgeous chocolate lab who accompanies me on hair-brained projects. I love the beach and I love crafting.I also run a crafting blog and and an etsy shop.

Sometimes you just have to make something magical. I felt the need to make my niece something magical what better than her own magic wand!

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

Polymer Clay [I used 1 block Premo! Pearl Pink and 1 half block Fimo Effect Glitter in white]
Bits and baubles. I have some little pink flowers in my scrapbook box along with my rhinestone.
Craft stick

Craft Knife
Cookie Cutter in a shape of your choosing, I got my small star from Hobby Lobby for $ .99 [A very important note, Anything you use for clay cannot be used for food.]
Pasta machine or Acrylic roller
Craft knife

Step 2: Let's Make a Star

This can be done with any shape but since I used a star I'll be describing my process with a star.

1. Condition your clay.

2. Break the clay into three parts and run through the pasta machine on setting 9. If using a roller, roll the clay about 1/2 inch thick.

3. Layer the sheets of clay on top of each other pressing them down with even pressure.

4. Then place the cookie cutter on top and cut out a star.[If your are worried about your clay sticking inside the cookie cutter you can dust it with corn starch.]

5. Remove the excess clay and slide the star out from the cookie cutter.

Step 3: Time to Swirl Some Colors.

1. Take the remaining the clay from your star and roll it into a snake. 

2. Repeat this with the other color of clay.

3. Trim each snake to equal length and then coil them together.

4. Gently take the coil and press it around your star

5. Using the craft knife cut away excess.

Step 4: Add a Bow!

Optional step!

1. Take a portion of left over clay from the star and run through the machine on setting 5.

2. With a craft knife cut out a letter V.

3. Remove the excess clay and separate into 3 pieces, 2 balls  about the size of a nickel and  one tiny piece 1/4 to 1/8 in strip of clay.

4. Take the the balls of clay and make them into tiny footballs.

5. Pinch the footballs with finger tips, making tiny ridge in the center.

6 .Fold them over and press down gently on the "v" shape.

7. Take the tiny strip and cover the center of the bow trimming off the excess with a craft knife.

8. You can trim the edges with tiny v's to make it look like a bow.

8. You can attach the bow by carefully pressing it down to the star or using a few drips of Liquid clay. I placed mine at the bottom of my star where my coil meets.

Step 5: Prep for Baking.

1. Sharpen the craft stick with a pencil sharper.

2. Gently push the craft stick into the clay and the remove.

3. Preheat oven and bake your star.

4. While the star bakes paint your craft stick.

Step 6: Let's Put It Together!

1. Glue the craft stick to the star with E600 and let set.

2. Gather bits and baubles and decorate!

3. Go fairy hunting.

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    Pixie Puddle
    Pixie Puddle

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Its Beautiful, I love it might have to make one my self and go hunt some fairies, :) x