Make a Fake Rifle

Introduction: Make a Fake Rifle

This project was made by my brother and mom for a school presentation a while ago and me and him decided to make it cooler and more real looking today and to post in on to instructables. It is super easy,very cheap, and very good looking. I hope you have fun making it good luck!!!!

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Step 1: Materials

The materials are very easy to find and cheap they are:
Brown paper
A long stick
The center of a toilet paper roll
Black paper
Some markers (sharpies work well)

Step 2: Putting on the Paper

Take the stick and tape paper on the end, stuff more paper in it to make it larger and to look like the bottom of a rifle.

Step 3: Adding the Scope

Now take the center of the toilet paper roll and cover it in black paper then tape it onto the "rifle".

Step 4: Now Draw the Designs

Now put on designs that make the gun more real looking and cool (be creative).

Step 5: You Did It!!!!

Great job you're finished I hope you liked making this as much as I did.
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