Make a Fake System Error Popup With Powerpoint

This instructable will show you how to make a fake message with powerpoint and put it on your victom's desktop.

Step 1: Step 1: Desktop Screenshot

First, go to your victom's desktop. Open task manager (with control, alt, delete,) and place it wherever you want on the screen. Hold Shift and Print Screen for about 2 seconds, then open powerpoint, and paste there. After that, shape the desktop so it fits perfectly inside the powerpoint slide. Next, insert shapes and text to edit the popup however you want.

Step 2: Step 2: Slide 2

Make sure your message has a button or 2 for the victom to press. Right click on the shape the button will be, insert text, and make the button say what you want it to say. Then, click some blank space in the page, and reselect the button by clicking it's border. Then, go to action, insert hyperlink, and make it hyperlink to next slide. Do that for any buttons you have on the powerpoint. The next step is un auto advancing. Go to animations at the top toolbar, and deselect advance slide on mouse click. Finally, insert a second slide, and edit how you want. I suggest it says just kidding, so the person knows its a joke.

Step 3: How to Display Your Fake Message

Pressing F5 on your keyboard will make the powerpoint fullscreen. The only way out of this fake screen is by clicking the buttons you added, or pressing Esc (escape.) If your family shares a computer, and they go on the computer alot, you can just leave the powerpoint up for them to find the problem. It is likely a younger sibling will not know what to do, so make the message funny. Also, this is one of the kinds of pranks where it is funny for you, and not the victom, and it is great on tape. I am not responsible for the outcome of this prank.



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