Make a Fidget Spinner!




Introduction: Make a Fidget Spinner!

A Fidget Spinner is a type of Stress-Relieving Toy or a Gadget.

This toy is really very addictive and really helps to relive stress and helps to concentrate in work.

WHY and WHAT is a Fidget Spinner?

The Toy has been helping people who have trouble with Focusing or Fidgeting such as those with ADHD, Autism, or works as Anxiety Release Mechanism for Psychological Stress and Nervous energy.

However, Usage of Spinner is more likely to serve as a distraction, than a benefit, Says the Expert Study.

The video Explains WHY a Fidget , WHAT is Fidget and HOW to make a Fidget Spinner.... that too from Trashed Old Bearings and Bike CAM Chain.

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Step 1: Gather the Materials

  1. An Old Ball Bearing. (I found mine in a Car garage. If not order one online).
  2. Old CAM Chain. (I had salvaged it from my old motor bike. U Can order online or find it in a bike repair shop.)
  3. A gear or a circular Object that fit right into your Bearing.
  4. An electrical wire
  5. Some basic tools like Nose pliers, Hammer, Wire Cutter etc,.
  6. Oil for Bearing
  7. Super Glue.
  8. Acetone to clean the Bearing and chain.

Step 2: Let's Make!

Clean the oil, grease, and rust from the bearing and CAM Chain.

Use a Hammer and a nail to remove the LINK of the chain.

Take your bearing and measure the required length of chain and wire.

Start to arrange the Chain the way I have shown in the image and insert a wire to hold the chain in place.

Use the nose pliers to tighten the wire.

Step 3: Assembly Time!

The Chain Ring Is placed on the Bearing and Secure it tightly in place.

Use a Hammer to lock the Chain Link and make sure the chain is tight enough to stay in place.

If required use the Super Glue and Paste the chain on the Bearing. Mine Was tight enough so i didn't super glue.

I have used a plastic gear in center. This is to increase the grip and is easier to hold.

Oil the bearing and wipe off the extra stuff.

Ready for Spin!

Step 4: Ready for Spin!

I made this because I wanted something heavy in my hands when i am studying. So i decided to make a #Fidget Spinner and I did not want to buy a conventional one online because they are very light and Of Course I am DIY-er... LOL !!

It is Very fun to use and it is Addictive too !.

If you Liked the Idea please do let me know in the comments.

Thank you very Much for checking out my instructable and see you in next Project!


The Technocrat

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2 years ago

I would highly suggest folding the edge of the wound wires over itself to avoid gouging your finger while spinning... that wire could leave a nasty cut on ya if you cut it too long.


2 years ago

omg ur good XD


2 years ago

This is the best one I have seen yet


Reply 2 years ago

thankyou very much! :)


2 years ago

nice :D