Make a Free Water Saving 2 Flush Toilet

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In this Instructable I will show you how you can change almost any standard 1 flush toilet into a water saving 2 flush for free and only take about 10 or 15 minutes with only a utility knife or dremel.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Use extreme caution if useing either dremel or utility knife, always cut away from you and wear safety glasses!!!!!!!!!!

Before you start I am asuming that you have basic working knowlege of toilets and I am not responsible for you breaking your toilet.

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Tools Needed
Utility knife or Dremel

Time to Complete
10 - 15 minutes


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Step 1: Tools Needed

1. Dremel or utility knife

Step 2: Getting Ready to Save Water

Before you start I am asuming that you have basic working knowlege of toilets and I am not responsible for you breaking your toilet.

1. Remove toilet tank lid
2. Study the working parts of you toilet
3. Unscrew lever nut (it has backwards threads)
4. Remove chain from ballcock (the plunger part that stops the water from toilet)
5. Study how much plastic needs to be trimmed off both sides of the inside of the handle, start off removing a little at a time. Test the range of movement.
6. Once satisfied with movement reinstall lever into tank.
7. Reattach chain to ballcock
8. Leave the tack lid off and test the new movement by moving the lever up. The toilet should not flush as normal, just allowing a little of water to enter the toilet. If no water moves you may need to move the chain closer (shorten the length).
9. If the water movement is good, place lid back on tank and try to lift the lever. If no water moves try inserting small spacers about ¼ inch.
10. Try lever upwards again.
11. Try the toilet lever in the down position.
12. You’re done; you have just saved tones of water.

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