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In this tutorial, i will be making a mini portable fridge using a PELTIER module beetting started one should know about the thermoelectric effect. The thermoelectric effect is the conversion of electrical energy into heat energy and vice versa, this is also called seeback effect.

In this project i have used a Peltier module. The peltier module converts the voltage difference into temperature difference i.e. when we apply the voltage to the peltier module, the one side of the peltier module will be cold and the other side will be hot.

Step 1: Collecting the Components and Modules

First of all i bought all the necessary module and components

below is the list

Peltier module

Thermocol sheet

CPU heatsink with fan

12V small fan

12V 5 amp Power supply


Adhesive and Double sided tape

Step 2: Mounting the Peltier Module on Heatsink

As i earlier said that when we apply voltage to the peltier module, the one side becomes hot and the other side becomes cool, there is a max fixed temperature difference between hot side and cold side, so to make the cold side more colder we need to remove the heat from the hot side.

In order to achieve that i used an old cpu heatsink with fan and mounted the heatsink on the hot side of the peltier module using thermal paste.

Step 3: Making the Enclosure

I decided to use the thermocol sheet t make the enclosure, because it was easy to do that and also it was white in color so was more thermal efficient.

I cut the thermocol from a single sheet and made a cubicle type structure using DST and adhesive.

Then i measured the dimension of the peltier module and cut the same portion on the top of the enclosure.

After that i fitted an aluminium sheet into that rectangular hole on the top of the enclosure.

I also secured a fan on the ceiling of the enclosure in order to circulate the cold air.

Step 4: Securing Peltier Module on the Enclosure

After that i secured the peltier module (cold side) on the top of that aluminium sheet.

The only thing that left was wiring the peltier module and fan.

I used a 12V 5 ampere power supply and connected the peltier module and fan.

By this time the project was complete and after one hour of running the temperature inside the fridge was 9.8 degree Celsius, which was descent enough to chill a can of any beverage.



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    15 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Is there peltier module in 5v range on USB?


    1 year ago

    Hi, I think I have a unique problem. I have a peltier element cooked up to a cpu fan. The fan removes enough heat to make it cold enough to condense water. Its hooked up to a 12v 6 amp power supply. I placed it in the top of a styrofoam box (insulated) and let it run over night. The inside of the fridge didn't get any cooler, while the element is extremely cold. So any advice?


    2 years ago

    Putting the peltier in the round heatsink is a bad idea, the corners get too hot and it eventually breaks. You really have to cover 100% of the hot area with a heatsink, otherwise it will overheat locally. I've done this mistake with exactly an Intel cooler. Also it'll get a lot colder.

    1 reply

    2 years ago


    Instead of using Al plate you should try using small radiator that is the same size as the peltier. Some thermal paste would also help a lot. Also from my experience the small fan inside doesn't have to push air that fast, just enough to mix it and avoid condensation on the cold side.

    I intended to use styrofoam box that is used to move dry ice for such project. But I also planned adding thermostat controller and never came around designing whole circuit. Maybe the project will be back on my radar when it gets warmer lol.


    2 years ago

    do you have more pics? could you use a small cooler instead?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Yes it is possible to make a small cooler with it.