Make a Friend

Introduction: Make a Friend

Get started with 3D printing by making some friends.

This is a great lesson for 3D printing noobs, kids, and people who love a good octopus.

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Step 1: Download the File

First, you need to download a file from Thingiverse:

Step 2: Slice the File

Next, you need to slice the file. This is where you configure the settings for the print.

I used a program called Kisslicer -

Now you can save your file to "gcode" which can be loaded into the 3D printer OS software.

Step 3: Load Your File

Load your gcode file into the 3D printer OS, and make sure that it is connected to the 3D printer.

Step 4: 3D Printer Setup

Make sure that your 3D printer is configured correctly and setup to print. This will vary depending on the machine that you are using.

Step 5: Print!

Click "print" and sit back while your new friend is created.

Step 6: You Made a Friend!

Congratulations! You have made a new friend. You can also scale the file up to make a bigger "mama" octo, or scale down to make "baby" octos. I also colored in the eyes and features with pencil and/or micron pen.

Thanks for checking it out!

I made my friend at Tech Shop in San Francisco using a Type A 3D printerType A 3D printer.

Connect with me at or @dannytamez

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