Make a Game Genie Piggybank, (EASY!)

Introduction: Make a Game Genie Piggybank, (EASY!)

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Hey, this is my first Instructable, and I thought I would make a quick and easy one, no electronic know how needed here, if you can use a phillips head and some glue/tape, and have a Game Genie, you can do it.

Materials needed:
Gorilla/superglue, or tape (any kind), or both!
A Game Genie
A #0 phillips head screwdriver.

The cost will be around $5-$13, depending on what you get, and if you already have a game genie.
And if you have all the stuff, (you probably do, these are common household items, besides the #0 screwdriver, but I got a precision screwdriver kit at ACE hardware for $13, They were out of the cheaper $5 ones. You can probably get them at wal-mart for around $5.

And yes, I got my inspiration from a instructable of a NES piggy bank.

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Step 1: First Step, Open 'er Up!

Pretty simple here, just open up the screws on the back and the game genie should easily come apart.

Step 2: Step Two, Take Out the Chip, and Top.

The game genie itself comes right off, and the top part will too. Take out the chip from the game genie, and do something with it. Maybe use it in another project of yours? You don't need it anymore.

Step 3: Reassembly and Glue Application.

Now, put it back together, and this is where the glue comes in handy, look closely at the game genie top in the third picture, those two peg-like things (sorry, covered up by the screwdriver, but you can't miss them.) is where you want to apply the glue, I'm using a DS stylus to apply it. when done, slide the pegs back into the game genie, there are two large holes on each side of it, then pull slightly up and hold the top there for at least a minute, wait until it's a little bit dry, and set it down. Once the glue is dried, pull out some tape (optional, but helpful) and wrap some around the edges of the pegs and the outside of the game genie, and once everything dries, on to the next step.

Step 4: Admire.

No pic for this one, as it's just a game genie, drop your loose change into the top of the game genie, and seal it with a piece of tape.
Sorry if this sucks or is hard to follow, this is my first instructable.

Step 5: On a Side Note, Just What I Used.

This is my "equipment case" I bought the screwdrivers from ace hardware, the case came with it, although the wires and solder obviously did not.

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