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The Goggle-Eyed Owl pin is one of several different pins I have designed and made recently.

This one is laser-cut, but there's nothing stopping you using hand-tools to make one.

Step 1: Design

Goggle Owl started as a sketch on my tablet, two sketches actually., which I kept in mind while I drew the cutting files in Inkscape.

I've added my SVG & DXF files for the digital manufacturers amongst you, but for those that still use hand tools I have also included a PDF version.

Step 2: Cutting and Gluing.

I uploaded the DXF file into the cutter via Lasercut 5.3, scaling it to cut the owl out at 35mm tall.

I used 3mm thick poplar ply, so I set the speed at 20 & the power at 65%

I used ordinary PVA glue to fix the eyes, wings, beak and claws to the body, and clamped it with pegs for an hour.

Step 3: Pinning and Wearing

A drop of super glue fixed a butterfly clasp pin to the back, and it's good to go.

If you make one, don't forget to hit the "I made it" button and post a picture here.

Step 4: Don't Want to Make Your Own?

Designing and digital tweaking aside, making a Goggle-Eyed Owl pin is a fairly quick job if you have your own laser cutter, but the cutting and sanding involved in making one by hand might be a bit on the time-consuming side for some people.

This is your lucky day, because I've just started my own Etsy shop, and Goggle-Eyed Owl is just one of the badges ("pins" for those Americans amongst you) that I am selling there.

I'm not going to harass you into buying one (heck, this is a Maker site, go make one, why do you think I gave you the files?), but I am going to remind you about the licence Goggle-Eyed Owl is posted under: BY-NC-SA.

Feel free to share the project, feel free to make as many as you like, but, please, do not sell them.

Oh, I'd better give you that link, hadn't I? Here you go: LightWorksLaser

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    These pins are awesome! I really like the celtic hare a lot. Great job on another instructable - you're almost to 200!!!

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