Make a Gopro Dome Port for Less Than 1$




Introduction: Make a Gopro Dome Port for Less Than 1$

- What is up everybody, In this quick tutorial I am gonna show you how to make a cheap and easy to use go pro dome with which you can film and shot half underwater pictures that really makes every movie clip or picture more awesome.

- I know there is lots of different dome ports that you can buy on the internet, but the challenge here is to do it by yourself without spending too much money.

Step 1: What You Need

- For this project, you are just gonna need a clear plastic dome, a ballon and a rubber band.

- Plastic domes can be easily found in almost every home decoration shop or even cheaper on ebay or aliexpress. It can also be obtained from an old dome cameras if you have one lying around.

- The total cost of needed materials shouldn't exceed more than 2$.

Step 2: Assembeling

- To start with, I firstly removed a small plastic hanging on the dome with a dremel. Try to do this step slowly to prevent the dome from cracking or making any additional scratches.

- The next step is to cut top and blowing bottom of the balloon away with scissors.

- Once that is done, simply stretch the balloon over the dome with leaving the hole in the middle. You may fail this step few times but after many tries your dome should be ready for rubber band to firmly secure the balloon from detaching from the dome.

- The last step is to take your gopro and push it through the hole in the balloon and make sure there is not space for water to leak in.

Step 3: Comparison

. You can see the difference the dome makes while trying to take a split shot. Even more astonishing are pictures that you are capable to with help of the dome.

- If you like this instructable please, click on the video below of how I made it and enjoy great music.

Thank you !!!!

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    3 Discussions

    I don't find a dome for less than 2$. Where did you get it? At amazon they start for 8-10$


    3 years ago

    The difference in image quality is amazing!

    Jakes  workshop
    Jakes workshop

    Reply 3 years ago

    yes, that is for sure!! It would be even better if you use bigger dome, like 15-20 cm in diameter. :)