Make a Hand Panty From a Flowery Bag





Introduction: Make a Hand Panty From a Flowery Bag

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Who doesn't love those iconic Hand Panties from the 80s?

This Instructable gives you the step-by-steps to turn any old flowery bag you might have lying around into a fashionable Hand Panty!

Hand Panties are perfect for clubbing, shopping, wearing around the house, or to surprise a loved one with!

Important: Materials matter! Rhinestones and other raised embellishments on your Hand Panty could injure yourself or others. Treat your Hand Panty like you would any dangerous, sultry weapon.

Step 1: Assemble the Hand Panty Components

You will need to gather the following:

1) A hand. Any hand will do, male or female!
2) A flowery bag with a drawstring closure.
3) A pair of sharp scissors.

Step 2: Make the Thumb Cut

Carefully cut out a slight curve out of one side of the bag, approximately as long as the width of your thumb. Make this cut close to the drawstring.

This hole will serve as the hole for your thumb to emerge from the Hand Panty.

Important! Make sure you measure your hand against the bag first to know where the thumb cut should be! All thumbs are different!

Step 3: Cut Slits -or- Holes for Your Fingers

This step requires an important decision on your part. You should choose from Basic or Advanced, below, depending on your skill with scissors.

Basic: The basic holes for your fingers can be very simple slits, cut 4 straight slits from the bottom edge of the bag towards the top. Cut these very small at first and increase them only if your fingers need more room to emerge from the Hand Panty.

Advanced: If you are are a pro at scissors you may cut tiny half-circles instead of slits, following the instructions above. Danger! There isn't much room for 4 half-circles at the bottom of the bag so start small and be Hand Panty Precise!

Step 4: Try on Your Hand Panty

Now that you have cut all of the required holes, slowly pull your hand through the Hand Panty.

Do your fingers and thumb emerge properly? Increase the size of the holes if required.

Once the Hand Panty is firmly on your hand, pull the drawstring for a comfort fit. You may tie it into a bow at this time.

Step 5: A Sultry Celebration!


You have successfully turned a flowery bag into a one-of-a-kind Hand Panty! Does yours feel lonesome? Seek out another bag for a matching set!

After all of that hard work you deserve a sultry celebration! Pour yourself a tasty beverage and party down with your trendy new Hand Panty!



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    Ha! I only clicked on this ible because of the title. Nice idea!

    Sorry, should have added - very cute though and a great idea. I never would have thought of use those little gift bags (but then I have wide hands for a female).

    Okay, cool stuff, but the term hand panty kind of makes me cringe. Good work, though. =)

    Nice. Makes me want to drink pina coladas and wear gaudy eyeshadow. Which is no bad thing in my opinion.

    Nice addition to any 80's rocker chick get-up!

    it's really a lace gauntlet but cute anyway! I would probably sew a straight hem across the finger and thumb openings to reinforce them so the bag material {usually nylon for the really cute and cheap bags} wouldn't fray.