Make a Haunted House Using PVC Pipe and Plastic Backdrops




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This instructable shows you how to make a Haunted House from PVC pipe and plastic backdrops. It's lightweight, low-cost, and easy to set up & disassemble. It's made from standard PVC fittings & pipe that you can purchase at any plumbing supply or Big-Box store.

About 4 years ago we build our first Haunted House for our PTO's Trunk-or-Treat event. Every year since then I've improved the process a little to make it easier to setup and dissemble. - the use of shower curtains to hang the backdrops reduced the setup time significantly. The time consuming part is building the components for the structure - which is modular and can be broken down for storage. We can setup an 8 -room Haunted house in about 30 minutes - not including the time to add props.

We've build this outdoors a few times, but the wind is your enemy. The structure is light-weight and the backdrops act like huge sails, so a strong breeze can blow it over. If you build it outside you may want to weigh down the frame using cinder blocks.

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    4 years ago

    I have a question. I have made this idea into a tunnel. About 150ft long and ALOT of zip ties of varying lengths. (the length of my sidewalk.). I was wondering if there was a way to make it more stable? I tried using rebar for stakes under the PVC pipe and zip ties to hold it from blowing away. Please help.

    1 reply
    Andy Beckdhenry4

    Reply 4 years ago

    These structures are basically huge sails and keeping them from blowing away can be challenging. My best suggestion is to use heavy twine or rope to tie down the structure. Run the rope from the top of the structure to stakes in the ground. We've used this method with some success, but a strong wind is tough to defend against.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! I'm making a theatrical backdrop for a children's play and this gave me some great ideas!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice and easy. I like it! Good info on the details, too. I tried a project but was using sched 20. The sag was brutal.

    I also like the way the two top rails can be used to hang light weight props!