Make a Heart Shaped Wand From Wooden Spoons

Introduction: Make a Heart Shaped Wand From Wooden Spoons

Everyone knows at least one little girl who loves sparkly wands, right?
Make a custom heart-shaped wand for her, with or without her help. 

You will need: (not all shown)
Cheap wooden spoons; I found packs of 5 for $2.00. You need 2 spoons per wand.
Glue that works on wood
Acrylic paint
Clear Glaze; to seal and protect
Glitter glue, optional
Yarn or Ribbon
Any other decorations you may want to use: feathers, buttons, beads....
Small saw to cut the spoon handles off
Paintbrushes or sponges

1. Prepare the wooden spoons: 
Cut off the handle of one spoon.
Sand the edges until smooth.
Sand any other areas that may need to be sanded.

2. Glue Together
Dab glue along the edge of the sawed-off spoon and press it to the other spoon, making a heart shape.
Allow the glue to dry before moving on.

3. Paint/Decorate
Use a brush or sponge to cover all sides of the spoon bowls/tops with paint.
(No need to paint the handle, it gets covered with the yarn.)
When the paint dries, decorate with glitter glue or your choice of materials.
**Do one side and lay flat to dry, then do the other side. Or if the materials are not too "drippy", stand in a jar or vase to dry.
Spray with clear glaze to seal.

4. Cover the Handle
Apply a small amount of glue where the handle meets the heart. 
Begin wrapping yarn or ribbon around the handle on top of the glue.
Apply more glue along the handle; just a few inches at a time and reapply as you work your way down.
Continue to wrap the yarn tightly around the handle over the glue.

5. Add More Decorations
Attach more decorations around the "neck" if you choose.
Tie ribbons, glue feathers...whatever you like.

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