Make a Homemade BB Gun for Less Than 50 Cents!

Introduction: Make a Homemade BB Gun for Less Than 50 Cents!

I first made this about a year ago, and since that, I have made several to distribute among friends. They are a lot of fun to shoot, and are strong enough to punch a hole through a styrofoam cup.

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Step 1: Before You Start...

This gun does actually pack a powerful punch. It stings quite a lot if shot at bare skin at point-blank range, and should NEVER be pointed towards humans or animals (this being said, it can still be a fun project if used properly)

Step 2: Materials

For this project you will need:

2 spring powered clothespins

A scalpel or xacto knife

A saw

as many BB's as you want to shoot

Step 3:

Take one of the clothespins apart. Keep the spring and one side and discard the rest.

Step 4: Smooth

Smooth the forward part of the clothespin half. I have marked the park to cut in black. It is best to do this with the xacto, but if your saw is small enough, that will work. The point of this is to make a smooth path for the BB to travel down.

Step 5: ...

It should look like this.

Step 6: Create the Trigger Lock

Next you need to cut a small straight line in the part of the clothespin that the spring used to go in. This is to give the trigger somewhere to rest before firing.

Step 7: Fit the Spring

Now fit the spring back on to the half of the clothespin backwards. One side should fit neatly in the store drilled slot, while the other rests loosely on the flattened part. Then, use your fingernail to pull the spring back and over the ridge that you just cut. It should hold tightly, but still keep it's tension. If it slips back, cut the lock further.

Step 8: Cut a Hole for the BB

Cut a small dip in the top of the ridge of the trigger lock to keep the BB in position. withought this, the BB would slip out and ruin your shot.

Step 9: ...

It should look like this.

Step 10: Cut

Cut off a small piece of the tail of the pin. Just enough to let the other one slide neatly on top, but leaving enough for the spring to rest on.

Step 11: Attach Second Clothespin

Slide the second clothespin on to of the first. This finishes the gun and gives the BB the stability and pressure to ensure a powerful shot.

Step 12: Finished!

You product is finished! Instructions for loading and firing are as follows:

1: Take the second clothespin off the first.

2: Use your fingernail to cock the spring back over the trigger lock.

3: Reattach second clothespin.

4: alide BB under the top of the second clothespin and into the notches you made in step 8.

5: hold the gun like a pistol, and use your pointer finger the press the trigger.

6: Aim

7: FIRE!!

Go out and shoot in my honor, and may the best shot win!

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    Patxi Alai
    Patxi Alai

    3 years ago

    It brings back many memories of my childhood. We we were doing these, or something very much like this, when we were in school. And with BIC pens and rice...blowguns, slingshots only with rubber bands and holding them with your fingers ....What wonderful times, and all without batteries.
    Regards from basque country.