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Introduction: Make a Kitten Into a Mystical Fairy

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I figured there was no way I would ever get my cat into a costume even when she was a little kitten.  So I decided to go ahead and do a photo edit of her when she was little to make her into a fairy.

 Just a little bit about my cat, we found her on the street with her siblings when she would barely fit in the palm of my hand.   We figured that someone had abandoned them, and we took them home to take care of them.  This little one had both eyes closed shut and full of burrs and ticks. We nursed them back to health and was able find an adopter for her brother.  Unable to find a home for the other two (and who could resist them), we decided to keep them as a part of our family.  Now a couple years later, they are happy and healthy. 

I used Pixlr to make my kitten into a mystical fairy and this is how I did it.

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Step 1: Remove Unwanted Objects

To remove unwanted objects, you can use the Clone Stamp Tool.  I wanted to keep the grass background, so it made it easier to clone the objects out.

Click on the Clone Stamp Tool and the options for adjusting the tool are located underneath menu bar.  You want to use 100% Opacity.  Then pick an area that you want clone.  To do this press "ctrl" & click your left mouse or touchpad button.  Then go to the area  hat you want removed and press your left mouse button.  You may want to move the area you clone so that it blends properly.

I removed the piece of string and part of a pair of pants from the picture by doing this.

Step 2: Adjusting Brightness & Contrast

I wanted our kitten a little darker.

To adjust brightness or contrast, go to adjustment under the menu and click on Brightness & Contrast.  Then a box will pop up where you can adjust these two options.  I wanted mine dark so I brought the brightness down.

Step 3: Find Your Wings and Cut!

I had a picture of a lunar moth that I had taken and  figured would be perfect for this project but I only wanted to use one side of it. So here is how I did it.

Use the Lasso Feature to draw around the object. It's okay if you get more than the wing in the cut.  Then under the edit menu click copy and then click paste.  This will create the wing in a new layer.  Turn off your background by clicking on deadbolt (in the layers box) a couple times until it turns it a box without a check.   Then click back on your wing layer.  You want to go the Eraser Tool and use 100% Opacity.  Delete the edges around the wing to get rid of the previous background thats in your layer.  You may have to change the size of the eraser (located on the erase options) to get into the smaller spots.

Step 4: Change Color of the Wing

To Change the color of the wing, use the Color Balance feature which is located under the menu option of Adjustment.  You can adjust the amount of red, green, and blue in your photo by the box that pops up for the color balance.

Step 5: Adding Wing to Main Photo

Before you add the wing, you want to create another layer of the kitten.  To do this, you want to use the lasso tool and draw around the kitten.  Click copy under the edit menu and then click paste.  This will create another layer of the kitten. This way you can put the wings under the kitten when it comes time.

To add the wing to the main photo, stay on your photo of the wing and go to copy.  Then click on your other photo and hit paste.  This will apply your wing photo to your main photo as a layer. Then in the layer menu make sure it shows the wing in between the
background the kitten layer.  If not move your layers around.

To flip your wing, go to layer on the main menu and you will see at the bottom of the list an option for flip vertically or horizontally. Click the one you want!

Before transforming the wing, you want to delete some of the background on the top kitten layer.   Click on the kitten in the layers box and then use the eraser tool to erase the grass.  You will start to see the more of the wing.

There are a couple ways to adjust the wing.  To adjust the wing go to menu>Edit> Transform.  This will allow you to re-size or rotate the object. 

Then to make the Wing shape to the body of the kitten, use the Menu>Edit>Distort Option .  This will give the wing a little more of the curved to the wing by moving the two side nearest to the kitten closer or widen the outside of the wing.

Step 6: Add Other Wing

To add the other wing, right click on current wing under the layer window and chose duplicate.  This will add another wing.  You want to flip this wing by going to Adjustment Menu.  Then make sure the wing is between the top layer of the cat and the background in the layers box.

Click on the top kitten layer and then used the erase button to erase any of this layer that may need to be so that you can see the wing underneath the kitten.

Step 7: Add Mystical Smoke

In the photo, my cat was playing with my camera strap.  I thought it would be neat to turn that into a "smoke.". 

First, I took the areas that I wanted to change to a new layer by use the lasso to trace the area then copy and paste.  Then I added some color with the brush feature.

Using the Smudge tool, I smudge the colors around in circular patterns.

Finally, I removed the shadow my camera strap made using the clone stamp tool.

Step 8: Change Eye Color

I wanted to change the colors of the eyes to make them stand out more.

Take the Brush Tool and at the brush options area located at the top, change your opacity to less than 100% depending on how much of the original eye you want to keep.   Also change your brush size so that it will fit in the eye. To Change the Color click on the Squares with color and a new screen will pop up.  This will allow you pick your color and then you can brush the eye color on.

Step 9: Crop Your Photo

I had too much grass in the photo so I used the crop button to get rid of some of it.

Click on the Crop button and choose what you want to keep. Click delete to remove the other unwanted area.

Enjoy you mystical fairy kitty!

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    aww he looks like one of our kittens!!!


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    So Cute!With this,I did with same to mine,Except she was a mermaid CX