Make a LED Video/Photography Studio Light Pannel for $35

Introduction: Make a LED Video/Photography Studio Light Pannel for $35

About: I run a VFX website on YouTube. I teach those who want to make visual effects from the movies.

In this instructable I show you how to build a 12 volt LED video Studio light for $35 bucks...

Download the LED Studio Light plans here:

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Step 1:



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    All links working now, thanks!

    Your Mediafire link to download the plans was truncated and does not work. You might want to use Dropbox instead.

    Also, the link to your YouTube channel results in 'Channel Not Found' so something wrong there too.

    Looks like a fun & easy build but no specs/build list at the moment :(

    1 reply

    Hi there sorry try the links again I have corrected them :)