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How many times the enviromental light isn't enough to draw a line or to make a drawing and you can't see very clear? I had the same problem so when i bought these two identical rulers from a Lidl store i knew what exactly to do with them.
The good thing is that these kind of rulers are handy because they have a holder which is empty and i decided to fit inside 2 white Leds, a button, 2 cables and 2 button cells. Also you may need some hot glue or any other glue, some tape, a soldering tool and some available time. No skills are required for this very simple but also useful project.

>2 white LEDS 2,2V ~0,20 euro both
>a button switch ~ 0,10 euro
> 2 Button cells of 1,5V each ~ 1 euro the pair
> 2 cables 2x 20cm
> a cable stripper/Cutter
> Soldering

Step 1: Prep the LEDs and the Circuit

Take the 2 wires and cut them both in the middle. Strip them and sold each end of the Led to the appropriate cable. Choose significant colors like red and black (or white instead of the black) Remeber that the long foot is the + (anode) and the shorter one is the - (cathode)
Try to make clean solders and also use some tape or isotherim plastic tube to prevent any short circuit between the anode and the cathode.
Reply this procedure also for the next LED.
So I have to draw a small schematic so follow this image and no skills needed.
The switcher is a small one like the image's one
With the soldering tool make a small hall to fit the exposed part of the switcher, This is maby the most harder part of the project.
Another thing is the choise of battery cells. I prefer the AG13 1,5V or LR44 size and all you have to do is to fit them in the gap of the ruller and try to solder the cables to to + and - pole of the battery pair. (This isn't to hard enough but you have to apply first some flux in the surfaces and the sordering tool must be very very hot) All you have is to touch for some secs the surface of the battery cells with the soldering tool and some solder 60/40 and is ok. No problem for the batteries if you touch them for some seconds!!!.

Step 2: Finishing the Project

Put a lot of hot glue in the button switch area so it must be tight enough and no room for short circuit or contact with humidity. Also Fit the two leds in the edges of the ruler and also put a lot of gue for the same reason. Dont put glue to the battery cell area (else might be dificult to change them!!!) Just use a strong tape to tight them enough.
So now the Lightening ruler must be ready and looks like mine (or better than mine). Also if works properly you done it well

Thank you all reading this Instructable See you around folks



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    8 years ago on Introduction

     Thnx...My wife she knows i love rulers and make me gift 2 of that kind....I stated use them but i needed some extra light...


    8 years ago on Introduction

    That is pretty cool ! I remember when I was Younger I had one of these light ruler for Christmas !