Make a LEGO 3DS/DS Syringe Stylus

Introduction: Make a LEGO 3DS/DS Syringe Stylus

If you lost or don't have a stylus for your DS or 3DS (like me), and you have a bunch of LEGOs lying around, then why not try making your own with them! Today I will show you how to make one that closely resembles a syringe or a needle. Let's see how to make it!

Step 1: Make It!

Follow the pics to build it! If you have two round clear colored 2x2 bricks, you can use those instead of the blue square bricks.

Step 2: Done!

Now you are done! This is a very simple but cool build that I came up with while I was making up Lego DS stylus designs earlier. I might even start a series of these and post one every week maybe. Hope you enjoyed this instructable! Cya

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