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Introduction: Make a Lost Plane Finder

About: Hello, I am 17 year old innovator living in India. My interest lies in Electronics. Surf through my creations and enjoy!!!!1

Presented here is a lost RC Plane Finder or plain crash indication system. This helps to find you a crashed or downed RC Plane.The LED Lights up when there are no signals caught up associated with Radio Controlled Transmitter.

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Step 1: Components

1. NE 555 IC

2. BC 547 Transistor

3. 10u, 25v Capacitor

4. 100uF Capacitor

5. 10nF Capacitor

6. 10k Resistor

7. 1k Resistor

8. Switch

9. 2 pin Connector

10. 4 pin Connector

11. LED

12. Piezo Buzzer(Optional)

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Here is the circuit diagram of the project.

See more for the step by step guide of the project.

Step 3: Mount IC

Mount the 555 IC on breadboard.

Step 4: Connections-1

Connect pin no. 2 and 6 of 555 IC.

Also connect pin no. 4 and 8 of 555 IC.

Step 5: Connections-2

Do the connections as shown in the image.

Connect the BC 547 Transistor.

And also connect the 10uF Capacitor.

Step 6: Connections-3

Connect the LED and the Resistor as shown in the image.

Step 7: Connections-3

Connect the additional Capacitor.

Step 8: Connection-4

Connect the 2-pin connector for supply.

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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    great idea

    Patel Darshil
    Patel Darshil

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you very much.


    2 years ago

    Nice project. Back in the days when I was flying R/C all the time, I built an R/C plane down audio circuit that was very small and made with very little parts count. It was great to range check your plane and then if you didn't make the field, you could walk right up to in as the beeper was going off. And it took so little current that it would run for hours on end. So anything to help you locate your R/C plane is a good thing. Thumbs Up!