Make a "Magic" Wand - a Floating Levitation Stick





Introduction: Make a "Magic" Wand - a Floating Levitation Stick

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Similar to a flow wand or levistick, this "magic" wand is easy to make, easy to carry and entertains to no end. A very simple DIY woodworking project, it requires maybe a couple of hours total effort to make (excluding drying times).

Some practice is needed to get the illusion down pat, but it's worth the effort when watching people try to figure out how it works!  It makes for a great gift or present too.



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    I liked this :)

    I use to do magic yself as a hobby.

    Learned a lot.

    I no longer try to find the answers to tricks however this one and the floating coin were two I wanted to know and now I know one of them.

    Thanks for a very clear video and nice sound levels etc.

    Very good video. :)

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    Nicely done! Hope the mid-build weather didn't do any damage....

    This is awesome!! I own a paper model of this levitating wand. But it dented from using it too strongly...
    It has invisible thread but I believe it can´t hold this wand, right?

    I will be building this, it's really amazing.

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    I'd doubt it would hold this. Regular cotton was not strong enough - after a while it would wear/break at the hole in the stick.

    When someone wants to see the wand, you can easily break the thread, right? Tell them that once they've handled it, it needs to be recharged so they can't see it levitate again right away. Oh, Harry Potter fans!

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    The thread is quite strong, so I'm not sure if it would be easy to pull it off smoothly (no pun intended :-) ).

    Hahahahaha...pretty clever! I like this trick for the kids! Thanks for posting, and good Instructable video!


    That's awesome. I used to do a lot of card tricks & you can use lighter fishing line that will be clear anywhere!

    I love these sticks! My favorite way to use it is with a 20 foot string looped all the way through and you can get a much broader range of motion with it :)