Make a Mini Bic Pen


Introduction: Make a Mini Bic Pen

This is my fourth instructable, and I hope you all like it.
I have been making these pens for about three years for my friends at school, and they love them. These pens are much easier to carry around in pockets and wallets, and they look pretty good, too!
*Note: All pics were taken by my HTC TyTN. Sorry if the quality is bad, but its two megapixels.

Step 1: What You Need


A Bic brand ballpoint pen
Scotch or comparable tape
Scissors or an X-acto knife
Paper or some other protector for your desk*

*Note: I am not responsible for any ink spills on your table or computer desk. Nor am I responsible for any damages and deaths that may occur while using sharp objects.

Step 2: Disassemble

Disassemble the pen as shown in the pictures. I used my X-acto to pry it open, and then pulled the guts out with my bare hands.

Step 3: Cut, Trim and Tape

Cut the pen tube with your scissors (or X-acto knife, in my case) and trim it up.
Refer to pictures if you need help or guidance. (NOTE: I cut right before the USA part, so it would look nice and clean.)

Next, cut the ink cartridge. Do this fast (scissors may get inky) and tape it up as shown in the pictures. Taping the other end (which you will discard) is necessary if you want to keep from ink getting all over your garbage can.

Step 4: Reassemble

Place your ink cartridge in the tube. I used my pocketknife to tap it SLOWLY, please take care not to pop the ballpoint out !

The pen is DONE!!!

Step 5: Done!

Have a go and try your pen out! Comment if you liked it!



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    thanks great for geocaching

    Unless you want one of these fast, I suggest waiting until it runs out of enough ink to make it shorter. That way you won't have to deal with a mess of ink when you cut the ink tube.

    i beem doing this for a couple years and i agree its pretty cool, you can do the same thing with those papermate mechanical pencils too, something else that is cool that ive done is take a black BIC pen and a red one and puttind the tip of the red one in the other end of the black one thus making a 2 sided pen

    . Very good job. In spite of only having 2MP, most of the pics came out reasonably well. Not professional, but this is a DIY site, after all. ;) . I wouldn't hammer on the ball tip. Most pens will handle a lot of abuse, but I've found that the assembly can be easily pushed back in by hand. A little twisting motion helps.

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    Good job! Another way to keep from getting ink everywhere is instead of cutting the ink tube, crimp it in half with a pair of hot needle nose pliers. The tube crimps and seals itself at the same time. Also, if you put a hole in the end, you can attach it to a key ring.

    2 replies


    One way to cut down on the chance that the ink will get everywhere is to use pens that have been used for a while. Your average Bic (as used here) will write for about six months and go down to about the middle of the writing on the pin, which is about as short as I would go and still be comfortable. Then again, I have really big hands.

    Great idea! the final thing looks pretty neat. Great way to use those pens nearing there life.