Make a Mini Missile Launcher!





Introduction: Make a Mini Missile Launcher!

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Today I'm going to show you how to build this simple but powerful mini missile launcher !!
Great fun!



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i love itjust subed

You can tell how to made dig missile luncher???? Plzz mist8 k

succesfully created this however changed the fuel to butane or acetone, used electronic cigarette lighter for ignition and used the refiller at the bottom to allow it to be fueled without dismantling it.

Hi mist8k. I tried to build the launcher using spark from a small cigarette lighter ignitor. However, it won't ignite the fuel. I suppose I need a bigger spark.

I made a mini potato gun, only made of thing that you can find in a pencil case. It has the size and shape of a hand gun. It can shoot up to 20 meters ! (60 feets)