Make a Mini Speaker




It was designed to be a as small as possible(so I could use it in school, shh...), and it's fairly simple.

Ya Need:

-PVC pipe that roughly matches the size of the speaker
-a pair of headphones that you are willing to destroy
-super glue
-soldering iron
-more super glue

Sorry, I already made it, but you can still see inside of it.

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Step 1: Cut Headphones and Solder

Cut around 5 inches from the end of the cord. Strip an inch off and you'll notice 3 wires inside. Usually two are insulated. Just twist those two together, making the positive wire. The other one will be negative. Burn or melt(with soldering iron) the insulation off of the positive(the two you twisted). Then plug in your music player and touch it to the speaker thingyz to make sure it works before you solder. If it works you can solder 'em up, but make sure you grab the handle. Unfortunately, I missed.

Step 2: Cut PVC

I am going to warn you, shit gets EVERYWHERE when you cut PVC. I used the Dremel and cut it a bit longer than the speaker, then I sanded it and smoothed it out. I used the "male PVC" so the bottom was nice and curved since I cut the part with the threads off. This is the case.

Step 3: Make a Lil' Hole

Now it's time to drill the hole that the cord goes through. It needs to be big enough for the jack to fit through. Because of my shitty soldering, I wrapped the cord around the back of the speaker and super glued it down, in case someone wants to yank the cord and whatnot. Now, I don't have huge drill bits either so I just drilled a hole and then used the sander bit and smashed it through.

Step 4: Install the Speaker

Put the speaker in and put the cord through the hole you made. The rim of the speaker should rest on the edge of the case. Turn it upside down and put super glue all around the edge on the inside. If the speaker doesn't fit, you should tape around the inside edge of the case with electrical or duct tape, until the rim rests on the case. In this case(yes pun intended), you might want to paint it later so the tape is hidden. Hopefully this doesn't happen. That would freakin' suck!

Step 5: Final Touches

You can sand it or paint it or whatever. It's not my speaker.

You're damn done!

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    29 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I asked how to make the speaker and not how to connect it to the ipod


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I took Apart My Big Pc Speakers To Make A Portable One For My BlackBerry. But THe Volume Is Nearly Not as Much As That Of The Original One.

    1 reply

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hey Jared, nice work on the speakers! How long does it take for your battery to drain? Also, how loud does it get?

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I never have problems with battery because I keep it in an Ihome, but i never recall it running out when using this.

    It doesnt get too loud, but that depends on which you use. You cant blast it but its loud enough


    9 years ago on Introduction

    sweet nice job Jaredsalzano. look at  the one i did /



    10 years ago on Introduction

    I made a speaker out of a juice bottle, but it looks wwwwaaaayyyy worse than yours. ;)


    Unless you keep the amplifier circuit with the speakers it should theoretically only be as loud as headphones, it will be louder because it is bigger but it will take more power that just the little bit from your ipod won't support, although this has gotten my creative ideas going