Make a Mini Mini Golf Course

Introduction: Make a Mini Mini Golf Course

In this instructable i will show you how to make my mini mini Gold coarse :P

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Step 1: Materials

Required: average DVD case, scissors , green construction paper,glue, bb's (white ceramic recommended), knex mini stick (purple size) or twig lol, and tape (electrical recommended). 

Additionals: toothpick,dremel stylus,marker, TAKIS !!!! lol

Step 2: Prep the Case

Take out the contents, and pop out the little things that hold in the chapterbook thing.

Step 3: Laying The...turf?

take your construction paper and basically use the half of the case as a mold folding the paper around the corners then cut out the inner part cover a side with glue then place the glued side onto the case. PS. keep the scrap for later

Step 4:

two options here for your hole . if you dont have a dremel stylus or a drill with a bit the size of a bb then poke a hole where ONE of the holder thingies were..... if you do : stick two fingers under the plastic part where the movie title goes spread your fingers into a V shape and dremel/drill in between until the correct size .    

EXTRA: drill out a hole small enough for a toothpick(this will be where your flag stands :) 

Step 5: Lets Make Your Club :)

Take your knex stick or twig , electrical tape, and one of the holder thingies from the case nd tape it to the end of the knex... simple:)


well.... look at the pics lol 


not needed but heres mine:)


eat ur takis :D nd have fun!!

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