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My 3 year old daughter loves the Simpsons (don't we all?), and she really loves Moe. She says 'I like him because he's always so angry.'
Well, I've been hunting for a Moe doll for her, and I can't find anything, so I decided to make one.

It's pretty simple, and takes about 2 hours.
You need:

Sewing Machine/ Needle and thread
Pipe cleaner

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Step 1: Print and Cut

Find a good picture of Moe. (use google image search)
Print it out to how big you want your doll. I made mine fit a standard piece of paper. Too small, and it's hard to make the doll.

Cut out your paper moe, and trace him onto your fabric. (onto the wrong side of the fabric). I am using a piece of pale yellow cotton fabric for the front of the doll, and a piece of fleece for the back, to make him soft and snugglie.

Note: I wasn't thinking, and traced Moe right side up, so when I make him, he will be facing the other way. Flip your moe upside down when you trace him.

Step 2: Sew

Now that Moe is traced, sew him.

Sew through both layers, following the line you traced. Be careful to keep the fabrics from bunching up. (You can pin them together if you'd like.)

Leave an opening so that you can turn him right side out. (I left about an inch on his back. You hand stitch this closed later)

here's a trick for sewing: when you get to a turn, put the needle down, lift up the presser foot, turn the fabric, put the foot back down, and keep sewing.

Go slow and steady, and try to stay on the line.

Step 3: Trim and Clip

Now that he's sewn up, cut off the extra fabric, and clip the corners. Then turn him right side out.

Turning takes patience, especially if he's on the small size. You can use tweezers, and the end of a pencil, etc. to help.

Step 4: Stuff Him

I wanted Moe to have some bendy legs, so I put a pipe cleaner in. Cut a pipe cleaner to the right size, and bend to the right shape. Make a little ball on the end of the pipe cleaner so that the wire doesn't poke through the doll. Wrap a little stuffing around the pipe cleaner and put it in the legs. Stuff the rest of moe. Make sure you stuff him pretty full, and get the stuffing into all the little crevasses.

Step 5: Sew Closed

Now sew him closed. I used the "Ladder stitch".

Step 6: Color Him In

Now for the fun part. Time to color him in. I used different color sharpies.
I did the lines with a fine tip sharpie, then colored the rest it. The markers bleed, so be careful. Apply near the line, then let it sink in. You might want to do the yellow first, then draw the lines after. (the yellow over the black made the black bleed a bit.

You could try fabric paint, or something else that might stop the bleeding. I had sharpies on hand, so that's what I used.

Moe also had a little hand towel. I gave him one on the prototype, but I didn't like it that much. I you want to add one, I used a scrap of terry cloth, and just sew it in place.

Step 7: Give Moe a Hug!

Now you have a Moe doll to call your own. Give him a nice big hug.

And keep him company so he doesn't have one of his "Christmas Accidents".

Now, an easier way to do this project would be to print him out in color, on an ink jet printer on an iron on transfer, but I only have a black ink printer. (and sharpies are more fun, and he looks more home made this way)

Now I'm going to try to make Barney.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 8: Funzo!

So this year for x-mas, the girls wanted Funzos ( from the simpsons). They're made the same way, ( no pipe cleaners in the legs though) They're made from an old white t-shirt, and they were a big hit under the x-mas tree this year.
They're soft and cuddly, although they don't have lots of fire power.

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    7 years ago on Step 8

    Funzo do as I can send this by email thanks you

    oye vei! you people! the point of this instructable is to show you how to make a doll of anything you want, not weather you should let your kids watch whatever on tv. now stop bickering and go make something! sheeeesh!

    1 reply

    Yea, pretty much!!! It's a well crafted doll, kudos to thee :) I am impressed with the similarity. Nice idea to paint after sewing to avoid distortion!

    BTW, Rhaubejoi: ALL tv rots the brain ;) save the world, read a book. Reading books actually burns more calories and is more mentally stimulating than watching TV. And at the same time? You can't make anyone else do anything they don't want to - so don't waste time being miserable about it! :) Enjoy your life anyway.


    very nice! ...but wouldn't it be easier to draw and color on before it was sewn together and stuffed? ...i'm afraid my lack of artistic skills might be my doom on this one!

    1 reply

    I liked drawing on him after he was stuffed. otherwise he might get distorted when you stuff him. If you can print him out onto a transfer, you could transfer him onto your fabric, not real art required.


    Rhaubejoi, the Simpsons has nothing wrong with it, maybe a middle-high PG rating. Family guy is a PG-13.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    wow, just seriously wow. I don't want to sound like I'm giving out to you or what ever but I've watched the simpsons since before i can remember and i don't think its had that much of an effect on me.Also, i have a ten year old cousin and i've reilised when watching the simpsons with him i find myself laughing at the jokes intend for adults while he sits there. how will they effect the kid if they don't know what's going on. it will just go over their head. oh and nice ible, once i get me a swing machine i'm going to try this


    this is a pretty cool instructable, but do beware those copyrighters, they got those dr who folks i remember. Might I suggest calling it a Mole Sizzle-back doll or something liek that? =P


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This Instructable is very interesting and gives me ideas for some projects... I'm thinking something like a calvin and hobbes doll set! That is an example of a very good low cost gift to give to a young one. It may even inspire them to the DIY Lifestyle. Props for the amazing gift she will cherish, I know I would have loved to receive something like that!

    2 replies

    be sure to make hobbes life sized. i love calvinn and hobbes i have the complete box set which is like every single cartoon in these three huge books and then a box for them

    Here's the Barney I made. He's made out of t-shirt fabric, so he has a different texture. Now Moe has a friend. I'm so glad so many of you like this instructable. Please vote for me for the contest. Happy Holidays!